Cuddle weather

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“Such beautiful rainy weather today ^_^ i wish i could cuddle in bed the whole day and admire it from the comfort of my blankets and heater. I love this little solar lamp, my mom gave it to me:)

If you’re in the Stellenbosch area you can go buy one directly from the Consol shop in Plankenberg.

Catrice Camouflage Cream

I just bought Catrice’s Camouflage Cream in 03 Rosy Beige. It’s perfect for what I require. Remember when looking for an under eye concealer, it’s better to look for something that blends into your skin tone, at most one shade lighter otherwise you might end up looking ashy. The ashiness happens when you put a too light concealer over dark circles which are caused mostly by a blues (veins/blood just below the skin’s surface) shade under your skin. Blue + light concealer gives you that dull tinge.

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“I just bought this concealer for under eye coverage, it’s amazing! The consistency is smooth, it blends great and most importantly it covers everything I need it to

Accessorize palettes review and swatches

This was a very pleasant surprise. I’ve never even bothered to try out Accessorize’s makeup range. Don’t really know why, but when accessory shops bring out makeup ranges I’m skeptical. I noticed these palettes at Clicks and took a chance. The swatches were so pigmented! Very shimmery but vibrant, and there is a nice selection of matte shades in between. The texture of most of the shimmer shades are much smoother than Sleek’s and with less fall out. All the swatches below were done over Nyx’s HD eyeshadow base.

Have you used any of Accessorize’s products? What did you think of them?

You are everything

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Update time

So, except for the few small posts in April there’s a few bigger things I need to share.

Firstly at the end of Feb I left my job at the newspaper and have been interning at a great tech company since then. The amazing work environment has been doing me well 🙂 Other events of note were the Rae Morris workshop, Joyce’s wedding and AfrikaBurn. Keep reading..:)

The Rae Morris Workshop

At the start of April I experienced one of the highlights of my life. A Rae Morris makeup workshop!! I fangirled completely when I found out about her coming to SA. The first (and my fav) makeup book I bought is by her. which I’m very happy to say is now signed by the lady herself.

The workshop was held at the Kohl Makeup academy (thanks for organizing this Kohl! You guys are stars!) and it was great meeting all the wonderful artists that work there as well. Rae shared amazing tips and tricks not to mention entertaining behind-the-scenes anecdotes from her years as a celebrity makeup artist. She’s an incredible person, beautiful inside and out, I feel truly blessed that i could meet her.

Rae Morris and I

How do you see yourself? Dove’s amazing new project

I just came across this project by Dove: Dove Real Beauty Sketches.

I’m completely in love with the concept! I always hope to show the people I’ve photographed a different side of themselves, how people tend to see them instead of how they think people see them. I always say I only edit away the things people don’t notice about them either way, in the natural portraits I take. But I’ve come to realise that no matter how slight the editing is (even when it’s close to no more than colour correction), people always attribute the difference between how they see themselves and the final photos as something I achieved and refuses to except people could see them that way. This project captures so perfectly what I’ve been trying to achieve, and it did it in a manner that doesn’t allow and denial.

I just wish Dove would start including men in their campaign as well. We sometimes forget how the image evolution is affecting them as well, I’d love to hear their voice too.


This one particularly stood out for me.

Click here for the sketches that were done of the other women

Essence Oz the Great and Powerful – review swatches

This week Dischem at Somerset Mall finally got the Oz – The Great and Powerful range.

I got myself the cream blush, the highlighter powder and tested each of the crackling nail polishes in the range.

The highlighter powder is very similar to the twilight one in texture but the colour is less pale gold and more beige which makes it easier to blend into the skin and get a beautiful glow. The cream blush is really easy to blend into the skin. It is a bit of a strange shade as it’s a bit more orange on the skin than it looks in the container. But over all I’m very happy with it.

Highlighter powder – 01 The Great and Powderful
Cream Blush – 01 Beware the wicked witch

michelle-6499I love the detail to the texture imprinted on the highlighter powder. Really beautiful scripting.

The range included 5 crackling nail polishes. And I managed to test all 5.

Essence OZ nails

01 master of illusion, 02 winds of change, 03 good witch, 04 winged wonder and 05 delicate but determine

I’m very impressed with their even cracking effect. I’ve been disappointed in the past by Essence’s white and silver crackling polishes, so it was great to see none of the shades were duds. The gold is gorgeous, the metallic blue so beautiful on. The red isn’t as opaque as I would’ve liked it (you can see it let a lot of the colour underneath). I ended up picking the teal (01 Master of Illusion) as I have nothing else like it in my collection. I’d love to also get the blue and gold before the range ends here.