How do you see yourself? Dove’s amazing new project

I just came across this project by Dove: Dove Real Beauty Sketches.

I’m completely in love with the concept! I always hope to show the people I’ve photographed a different side of themselves, how people tend to see them instead of how they think people see them. I always say I only edit away the things people don’t notice about them either way, in the natural portraits I take. But I’ve come to realise that no matter how slight the editing is (even when it’s close to no more than colour correction), people always attribute the difference between how they see themselves and the final photos as something I achieved and refuses to except people could see them that way. This project captures so perfectly what I’ve been trying to achieve, and it did it in a manner that doesn’t allow and denial.

I just wish Dove would start including men in their campaign as well. We sometimes forget how the image evolution is affecting them as well, I’d love to hear their voice too.


This one particularly stood out for me.

Click here for the sketches that were done of the other women


An amazing TEDx talk by Victoria’s Secrets Angel, Cameron Russell

TEDxMidAtlantic 2012 - Cameron Russell

TEDxMidAtlantic 2012 – Cameron Russell (Photo credit: theqspeaks)

If image and how it affects our world fascinates you, this is an excellent video to watch.

Cameron has been a model for 10 years including being known as a Victoria’s Secrets Angel.  Cameron approaches the theme of the conference, Be Fearless, by answering some of the most common questions she gets as a model with the inner thoughts she seldom expresses.

Steampunk Iron Mask video tutorial

I was feeling ambitious so I decided to finally make use of my Kryolan Nose Putty and also try my hand at spirit gum (%*#@% -_-). Since I did my Steampunk Phantom of the Opera mask, I’ve always wanted to try it again but with a bit of 3D sculpting so that’s where the putty comes in.  Let me say first off Nose Putty is not for the faint of heart and definitely not a product I’ll specifically work with again unless I have a choice. You have to knead it to get it soft, but since my hands are extremely weak, this isn’t much of an option, my hands would frankly be too tired to do anything afterwards. So applying a bit of innovation, I filled a bowl with steaming hot water, placed a plate on top of that and then put small pieces of the nose putty on that. This worked great to soften it up….it also ended up melting it. In the end that actually helped a lot, as the moment I picked it up off the plate it almost sets completely hard again. So I ended up just scooping melted bits up and then pressing that on along the mask’s outline.

There was no editing to the makeup in this image, just colour and contrast adjustments with some blemish removal

My first time using spirit gum: OMW! Can I just say this stuff hurts like a bitch when you take it off. It manages to cling onto every little bit of peach fuzz hair on my face. Unfortunately I don’t have the remover, so I just used surgical spirits to dissolve it with…..Note to self, never use spirit gum again over the sensitive cheek area just below the eyes, first the gum pulled at every single hair and then alcohol burnt like hell trying to remove it from my skin. ouch! I would suggest something like Sculptgel instead of the putty and spirit gum.

Overall the discomfort and the learning curve was worth the final outcome ^_^.

If you have any questions about the video please leave them in the comments.

Have fun Xxx

There was no editing to the makeup in this image, just colour and contrast adjustments with some blemish removal

Pirate queen tutorial

So here is my third attempt at a makeup tutorial. This is for anyone who wants to be a pirate this Halloween. Basically  you just want a nice fierce looking smokey eye with a dark tan for that outdoorsy look (unfortunately the tan is lost on me due to direct flash and being super pale).

If you guys have any questions, leave them in the comment section and I’ll try to get back to you asap ^_^

My first video tutorial!

So here it is finally! My first video tutorial…. 😛

This is in response to Nicole who asked for more tutorials and behind the scene photos. I’ll say this, it’s very weird seeing myself in video over and over and…over and…over…and over, while trying to cut this together. I’ll still get used to taking more process photos as I go along.

A few things I’ve learnt from this video:
I need to find a space with better lighting
I really do pull some weird faces while doing my makeup O_o
I say “um” a lot..
And it’s harder than it looks to keep focussing on the camera instead of the screen, but I already did a lot better during my second try ^_^

I almost forgot to take a picture of the final makeup look. At least I can now prove again that my Nyx HD eyeshadow base does its job. This was applied at about 11am and it is now about 11pm (that’s why the inner corners are a bit rubbed off from me feeling sleepy :P). So despite me vigorously rubbing my eyes, which despite even that most of the makeup is still in place.

Products used:
Essence – Pigments: 08 Cop & copper
Sugarpill – Poison plum and Flamepoint
Essence – Fix & Matte translucent powder
Blink + go – Palette 02 blush
Revlon – Photo ready 3D Volume mascara

I’ll start getting used to this whole documenting process a bit more as my blog continues ^_^

Thanks for taking a look. Please leave a comment below if you liked what you saw

Much love

A quick peek – Haloween horns

So here’s a quick peek at what I’ve been working on. (and yes it’s the first time I got to play with the iMac’s Photo Booth :P). They’re still very far from being done but for now they’re symmetrical and mount easily onto a headband ^_^

Curled horn also after paper maché step

Curled horn also after paper maché step

Tall horn after a few layers of newspaper paper mache

Tall horn after a few layers of newspaper paper mache

Process shot: frame made from florists' wire and styrofoam christmas bells

Process shot: frame made from florists’ wire and styrofoam christmas bells

All the supplies I racked together today

All the supplies I racked together today

Goss Makeup Summary

My all time favourite makeup vlogger, Goss Makeup, uploaded a video summarizing his best videos to date. He has over 400, so this is really handy. I love his videos as they’re quick (about 2minutes for most of them) and to the point while being incredibly helpful. I can’t stand makeup vids that drag on for 15 minutes.

So for anyone looking for some great concise makeup advise, you definitely need to browse his youtube channel. And this vid will give you a good place to start. If you can’t care to watch the vid, he has listed all the videos, with links, in the comments section, making it even easier ^_^ Love him!