How do you see yourself? Dove’s amazing new project

I just came across this project by Dove: Dove Real Beauty Sketches.

I’m completely in love with the concept! I always hope to show the people I’ve photographed a different side of themselves, how people tend to see them instead of how they think people see them. I always say I only edit away the things people don’t notice about them either way, in the natural portraits I take. But I’ve come to realise that no matter how slight the editing is (even when it’s close to no more than colour correction), people always attribute the difference between how they see themselves and the final photos as something I achieved and refuses to except people could see them that way. This project captures so perfectly what I’ve been trying to achieve, and it did it in a manner that doesn’t allow and denial.

I just wish Dove would start including men in their campaign as well. We sometimes forget how the image evolution is affecting them as well, I’d love to hear their voice too.


This one particularly stood out for me.

Click here for the sketches that were done of the other women


An amazing TEDx talk by Victoria’s Secrets Angel, Cameron Russell

TEDxMidAtlantic 2012 - Cameron Russell

TEDxMidAtlantic 2012 – Cameron Russell (Photo credit: theqspeaks)

If image and how it affects our world fascinates you, this is an excellent video to watch.

Cameron has been a model for 10 years including being known as a Victoria’s Secrets Angel.  Cameron approaches the theme of the conference, Be Fearless, by answering some of the most common questions she gets as a model with the inner thoughts she seldom expresses.

Blogiversary – 1 year 1 hundred posts!

According to my archive I made my first blog on 24 October 2011. And according to WordPress this is my 100th post!!

It’s just a few days shy of being a full year and I can’t believe this blog has survived this long. I’m notoriously bad at keeping up with things, but this indulgence I have come to love ^_^

This is my personal passion and thanks to everyone who’s taken an interest in my work and given me feedback. I appreciate every message I’ve gotten

Please let me know what you guys would like to see more of in the future and also let me know what you liked this year. I’d love to receive more feedback and get to know my viewers better ^_^

Much love and happiness!!

How I think Atlas Shrugged should’ve been written for the screen

Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Right so a while ago the first installment of the Atlas Shrugged trilogy was released. Now to be clear i haven’t watched it yet, but from what I could see, some of the things I was scared would happen already have.

Atlas Shrugged is such an incredibly dense book with multiple plot lines all weaving together to create one epic tale. Unfortunately unless you’re willing to create a 10 part episode series it really is a mammoth task to extract only the key scenes and compress them together in 3 feature films. So from what I can see the movie already seems quite confusing to someone who is not familiar with the book. Having multiple characters compete for center stage have led them to only focus on Hank and Dagny. Fair enough they are two of the biggest, but in typical hollywood fashion there is already an implication of an overly romantic tinge to the movie. The other thing I noticed is that I always imagined characters such as Hank’s mother, brother and wife as very realistic. I know people like this. I imagined them as subtly but pointedly manipulative, in a wheedling but condescending way. The brother just ended up being self assuredly arrogant in an almost comical manner.

So all I’ve seen was the trailer and a few cut scenes. But one thing has become clear. Even the trailer couldn’t condense itself suitably to draw people in. They tried to stuff as much information as possible into as little time as possible with as much romance, drama and action. Typically Hollywood. Sounds a bit like a recipe for disaster if you know the book, or remember the feeling of reading it.

The best possible alternative I could see for it being adapted to big screen would’ve been to break up the movie in 3 parts (as has been done), but then center each film on a different main character. Originally I thought it should start with Dagny’s side, but this would then cause a bit of disruption in the flow that i have in mind. So rather start with Hank and the trials he has to overcome. In the mean time little bit of background about Dagny can be slipped in up to the point that they meet, decide to tackle the rail way line together. Second movie would then center on Dagny. Getting to know her back story, her trials at the railway company and picking up around her brother. By no means should this movie start at the beginning again. It should continue where the first left off with Hank’s story, but with subtle backstory cues to help the viewer along. This one should then continue to the point where Dagny’s plane goes missing.

And then for the third movie; and this is why it was so important that Dagny should form the bridge in the second movie; should center around John Galt. Starting with where he welcomes her to the hidden retreat and shows her the way of life there. Once again with back story cues to fill you in on John’s history, but these clues could’ve been inserted in the first two movies already as a thread throughout. (“Who is John Galt?) As sad as it would be, for cinematic reasons and story flow, it would probably be better to leave the storyline on the static engine out as this would just require unnecessary time and dialogue to explain.

In between these 3 movies the character of Francisco can act as a prophet/jester style character weaving in and out preparing Hank and Dagny respectively for what’s to come with the disappearance of the other industrialists as omens.

It might seem like a strange way to approach such a dense book, but it’s a line of thought that’s appealed to me and that I thought would help to endear each character more strongly to the viewer. Currently it seems they’re losing focussing by trying to tell all at the same time as it happens in the book.

So far I’m not saying the movie is bad, as I have yet to see it and I am still holding thumbs that it surprises me. This is just how I would’ve broken it up if the task had been up to me.

PS – I am not a film student and have no background in drama. I’m just a very big fan of the book and the characters.

Body issues

Body Image Issues ? - The Getty Center

Body Image Issues ? – The Getty Center (Photo credit: Al_HikesAZ)

On this topic, I found this amazing site today: My Body Gallery

My Body Gallery is a collection of pictures of normal women of all different shapes and sizes. You enter your height and weight and then it shows you images of other women at the same weight and height. You can also refine it down to clothing size and body type if you like.

I just thought this is such a brilliant idea!! Too many women get used to comparing themselves to unrealistic and retouched images. And sometimes they actually look really good for their weight, they just have nothing to compare it to.
The site was started by a 16-year-old girl who struggled with an eating disorder and this comparison is something she found solace in.

I hope this some of you will help her initiative and add your photos to the collection. The offer is open to any women who want to contribute and she offers the option that you can cover your face to insure anonymity.

I also found this draft from quite sometime ago that I forgot to post, but it fits in well with this topic:

Another good link to check out is Curvy Girls Are Better. I really think these girls are gorgeous!

False friends

I recently find myself contemplating aspects of friendship again due to current events. And there will probably be other posts like these forthcoming while I consider them.

As I was looking up quotes on friendship I was reminded of a term being thrown around so callously: False friends.

I’ve seen it often in recent times and have even had it attributed to myself by someone when I did not play along the way they wanted and it subsequently led to the end of the friendship.

It’s such a petty and childish term. How can someone be a false friend? You’re implying that the friendship was since its inception started under false pretences. Friends can be immature, they can be incompatible, they can be abusive and they can even be downright manipulative; most of these included under the banner of “bad” friends. But it should be considered that even the most manipulative person will be hard pressed to be friends with someone they truly can’t stand.

The friendship usually starts due to a mutual interest, liking or advantage. And in all three there is a sense of purity. Is a friendship that started due to the one person wanting something the other had any less pure than the one that started due to a mutual laugh at a joke. I don’t think so. Neither friendship would’ve grown if the two people involved didn’t find more about each other to like. Sometimes this liking is short lived and sometimes people stay “friends” longer than they should.

And I think this is when people start throwing such hurtful terms as “false friends” around when a friendship dies. Because lets face it, people tend to say that when the feel they’ve done nothing to jeopardize the friendship. When the other person disappointed them so much that it amounts to a betrayal big enough that it taints what the whole friendship might have symbolised.  They’re hurt that this “friend” didn’t stay the person they had met at first and fallen in friend-love. Out of experience and observation you need two people to foster a friendship and it cannot happen if one of the parties is apathetic. Thus it stands to reason that all bad friendships once started off good.

I always wonder what sense of entitlement and vanity leads a person to use a term such as false friends. They are actually portraying themselves as the perfect friend; innocent of any part they might have played in the horrible end. Do they actually believe they were completely innocent or are they doing it so other people will believe them the victim? I have reason to believe the second.

I am not denying that the betrayal of a friend is heart-rending but I do feel if you had any respect for what you shared with that person, regardless of how it ended, that you should not disrespect it with such petty terms. They once had an influence on your life and whether bad or good you have grown through knowing them. By demeaning the time you’ve spent together you’re doing the same to an experience that has shaped you as a person.

I’ve had bad friends for sure, and I’ve been betrayed by friends, just as I’m sure I have been cast in those categories myself by past friends. But there’s the rub: no-one sets out to betray another on-purpose. It usually happens through stupid choices or well intended actions. And being labelled a false friend is just adding insult to the injury of a failed intent or action.

I will say this – that to date I have not seen men whining about “false friends”, it’s mostly girls/women. Here’s something to consider: do girls lash out so much more because they feel entitled to “true friends” as portrayed in almost every teenage targeted production or is it because they’re weapons generally takes the shape of words and emotions?