Light my fire: Part 1

I’ve been really quiet on the photography side of things, but hopefully that will be changing soon. Here are some shots from a test shoot I did with Leoni. She’s a very talented fire poi and bellydance performer going by the name FireFly.

These shot were done in preparation for a bigger shoot we’re planning, which is still in the preparation phase. Going by how this shoot turned out I’m having a good feeling about the upcoming shoot ^_^

Model: Leoni aka Fire with Firefly
Photography & Makeup: Ambra photography & makeup







Dark Mermaid

This shoot was such a rush and I’m probably much luckier than I should be with how well it came out, not that I’m complaining at all ^_^ Luckily the more skill you acquire the more “lucky” you become.

Thanks again to great team that helped to make this a reality. You can read more about the experience on my facebook page:

The team:

Model: Amy
Hairstyling: Marie-Anne
Hair colour: Storme Webster
Assistants: Cornelia and Ig
Makeup & Photography: Ambra photography





Click below for more behind-the-scene photos and a list of the products I used to achieve the makeup look:

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Inspired shoot: Lana del Rey

I can’t explain how much fun this shoot was!!

It literally started with Lauren (my gorgeous model) uploading a cover image on Facebook of Lana del Rey and me commenting that she could totally pull off Lana’s look. Next moment I got a message: “ok challenge accepted. So you shooting? ;)”

How could I pass up the opportunity?! And as it was a style so removed from what I normally get up to, it was a wonderful challenge makeup and photography wise ^_^

Lauren is to thank for pulling the team together that worked on the shoot. It was my first time really working with a stylist and I can vouch that it makes a huge difference to a photographer’s process.  Usually just doing the makeup and styling tires me out mentally, so when I actually get to the photography side I’m out of energy to come up with new ideas and sometimes just want to get that part of it over with. We shot at 3 different locations, with three different outfits and completely different lighting and scene setups and at the end of all that I still had energy to spare ^_^.

Nicolette did an amazing job on Lauren’s hair, it lasted all the way through the day up to the point that we dunked her in the pool.  And Kyle C., my assistant, did a great job of being exactly where I needed him to be when I needed him there; two great attributes for an assistant to have ^_^

Roxy unfortunately couldn’t join us on the day of the shoot, but she donated quite a portion of her cupboard towards our cause. I especially loved the high waisted shorts from the second look and the chain strap velvet leotard from the pool set.

Thanks to all you guys for the great work you did!

And last but not least a great big thank you to our two gorgeous models of the day, Lauren and Matthew, who both did an outstanding job. Lauren is more used to be behind a camera than in front of it, being a great photographer herself. She really nailed Lana’s look and Matthew was the perfect accompaniment (he’s tattoos are stunning up-close).

The Team (from left): Lauren, Kyle, Nicolette, Matthew, Kyle C. and myself.

The Team:

Photographer and makeup artist: Ambra photography
Model: Lauren Hochfelden and Matthew Tyler
Stylist: Kyle Solms
Hairstylist: Nicolette Castelyn
Photographic assistant: Kyle Castelyn
Clothing: Roxy Caroline


And now for your viewing pleasure, here’s the series of images:


I will do an extra post later on how I achieved the Lana del Rey makeup look. Check back soon to see it

Much love

It’s a wrap!

Just a quick pic of the team that helped me on yesterday’s shoot ^_^

From left: Lauren (our gorgeous model), Kyle S. (our wonderful stylist), Nicolette (our great hairstylist), Matt (our handsome male model), Kyle C. (my super assistant) and myself.

From left: Lauren (our gorgeous model), Kyle S. (our wonderful stylist), Nicolette (our great hairstylist), Matt (our handsome male model), Kyle C. (the super photographic assistant) and myself.



Something to tie you guys over until the Fire&Ice shoot is released. I did this look a while ago but I keep forgetting to load it up.

This was originally a very dainty and frosty ice look (I wanted to play with my Essence and Catrice silver gel liners), but when I added the black wig my fiance pointed out that I look a bit like Marilyn Manson and I thought why not. So added some dark lips, a black coat and hat and we created Ice Manson…:P

Either way it was fun ^_^

Products used:
Essence and Catrice gel eyeliners
Sugarpill – Mochi and Velocity
Snowflake sticker from PNA’s scrapbooking section
Catrice – Black Jack with Jack Black gel eyeliner as lipstick

Fire & Ice

This has to be one of my all time favourite couple shoots. Halen and Charles are such a fun couple to shoot with!

A few weeks ago Halen suggested a Fire&Ice shoot to really test out my Burning Heart palette from Sugarpill once it arrived. So about 2weeks ago it finally arrived and I took her up on her suggestion. Halen helped so much with hairstyling and providing snacks during the makeup process and Charles did complain once about being a guy getting makeup done “to” him. ^_~

So here’s a sneak preview so long. Let me know what you think!

Burnt gold: Kaydee


On sunday I got the chance to shoot with Kaydee. I’ve been looking forward to this for quite some time, but when she arrived I had little to no idea what I wanted to do makeup wise. All I could show her was a little bag of burnt gold leaf that I really wanted to work with.

With a bit of coaxing from her I decided to stick with the gold leaf and I’m so happy I did! It complimented her stunning hair colour beautifully and the tiny hints of purple helped to draw the outfit together.

I’ve gotten so used to only doing portraits in my flat that I completely lost track of time. So much so that by the time we finished the sun had almost set and it was a mad dash to nearby sport fields. We arrived with the sun already behind the horizon and some last minute natural light left over. And no more than 5m from where we parked the car we found a lovely patch of grass with purple flowers; talk about luck! The speedlights cooperated and we managed to make use of the last bit of light (a whole 10min if I remember correctly) and then we continued shooting in the dark.

5hours preperation for a 20min shoot, but it was all completely worth it. Seeing everything come together on film (so to speak :P) is what makes photography such an amazing art form.

We ended off the shoot on a sweet note with some deep fried ice cream at the nearby Erinvale pub (if you live in the Somerset West area you have to go try it!)

Thanks to all involved, to Kaydee for being such a keen model, I can’t wait to work with you again, and to Ig for being my ever ready assistant ^_^


Model: Kaydee
Makeup, styling and photography: Me (Ambra)
Photographic assistant: Ignatius
Hair: The styling was a combined effort between me and Kaydee, but it wouldn’t have been as easy if it wasn’t for the great cut and colour done by Marie-Anne Tsoukalas.
The coat is from Sarah and Cornelia brought me the lashes from her Japan-trip

Steampunk me

So a few weeks ago I got to play model for a change. A fellow photographer friend of mine, Hennie of Cadmus Photographic Studio, is embarking on a project where he’ll be photographing a number of his friends who are all photographers in either Victorian or steampunk styled shoots. Each model gets to choose which style they’d like; I chose steampunk for myself naturally ^_^

I think Hennie got quite a fright when I arrived, since I packed everything I had we could possibly need for the styling, it was quite a trek, but well worth all the effort

So below you’ll find the results of this super fun shoot ^_^ All the images belong to Cadmus, I was only the model in these pics There’s a link to Metoikos’s photography page in the credits. Go check out his other work, this guy is amazing!


Photography: HJ Lombard | CADMUS
Subject: Me  -^_^-
Makeup & Hair: Kim Leaver
Underbust corset: Tanya Streak | Tin Corsetry