TAG Body/face paint: Review & Swatches

Finally a new post and I have some lovely swatches for you guys! My search for decent face/body paint has been a long one. Living in South Africa does tend to limit what brands and products you can get your hands on; especially at an affordable price.

I’m very happy to say I found a local distributor of some very awesome face/body paint brands: The Face Painters.

They sell cosmetic grade face/body paints specifically the brands TAG Body Art, Global Colours Bodyart and Snazaroo. All really good brands which is great value for money. logos

Let me just say that after the customer service disaster I had with Concrete Minerals earlier in the year, it’s great dealing with a company with spot on customer service. The Face Painters is managed by Danni and Penny. So far I’ve dealt with Danni and it’s been a pleasure. She’s always willing to answer any questions I might have about the brands they stock and makes good suggestions. Just be patient when waiting for a reply as they run the paint distribution in their spare time. You will receive a reply asap, most often the next morning. Their shipping is very speedy and both times I’ve ordered I’ve been surprised with how quickly I had my product in hand. A+ guys!

I recently bought the following from them:

  • TAG Body Art:
    • Regular Palette 12 x 10g
    • Regular Rose
    • Regular Beige
    • Pearl Wine
    • Neon split cake
  • Snazaroo:
    • Red
  • Diamond FX
    • Grey (I know they no longer stock Diamond FX so I think I was lucky enough to get one from their leftover stock.)

These are all the colours from the 12 colour TAG palette: IMG_7795-Edit

I bought the Rose and Pearl Wine extra with my first order (the pink swatch in the image below is there so you can easily compare the colours to each other). IMG_7757-Edit I unfortunately don’t have a UV light right now, but as soon as I do I’ll take a shot of what these stunning Neon colours look like glowing under it. PS: the halfround sponges you can also buy from The Face Painters 😉 IMG_7765-Edit I am completely in love with all the colours I’ve received thus far. TAG is so easy to work with and I can’t wait to use them for a photoshoot. As a first attempt this is what I came up with: IMG_7684

How Kryolan Aquacolor weigh up:

My last attempt at using water based face/body paint was Kryolan’s Aquacolors which was (to say the least) horribly disappointing. Here are some comparison swatches between TAG and Kryolan: IMG_7780-Edit IMG_7798-Edit Kryolan just doesn’t match up to TAG in my opinion. Not for Kryolan’s price (the swatches photographed better than it is to try and work with them). Most of the colours are rougher in texture and they tend to streak easily. I don’t know if I just have old stock or something but I’ve never been impressed with their paints. It’s such a mission to get them nice and smooth. The only two colours I would suggest getting is possibly the brown and grey. The rest I would steer clear of, especially the red, green and black, which are horribly to work with.IMG_7782

The only other upside to Kryolan is that it seems to have slightly better longevity. Here’s a photo of just after I let the tap water run over the swatches for about 30seconds. TAG on the left, Kryolan on the right: Unfortunately this plus does not makeup for the effort of trying to get the colours to apply smoothly in the first place.

And finally I just wanted to swatch Snazaroo’s red, which is a beautiful deep, deep red. I ordered TAG’s red, but as The Face Painters had run out, Danni suggested we swap it with Snazaroo’s Red. I was sceptical but she assured me it’s the one product of Snazaroo that she prefers to other brands. It doesn’t quite have TAG’s texture but I’m very happy she persuaded me, I love the colour! IMG_7788-Edit

If you’re based in South Africa and would like to get your hands on some of these awesome brands you can reach The Face Painters through their website: www.facepaint.co.za or their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/facepainters.za.


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