Essence All about palettes

I’m a big fan of Essence cosmetics and I’m always impressed with their quality, but it’s still nice to be surprised. Obviously the brightest palette drew my eye first, All about Paradise. Not expecting much I swatched the colours and were surprised by the texture and pigmentation. I immediately thought that they could work well with my matte Concrete Mineral and Sugarpill shadows. Unfortunately the first palette in the range was sold out, but I’m hoping to get All about Nude, when it’s back in stock.

First impression:

The shadows have a shimmer finish which can lead to a little bit of fall out. Most of them have a smooth texture but the lighter shades specifically are rougher with more fall out. Considering the price of the palettes (R55) a bit of fall out is acceptable.

The swatches below are done without an eyeshadow base as I felt the shadows did themselves justice. Using a base will just make them that much more awesome.

02 All about Candies

I’m usually not a big fan of highlighter shades, and of the three palettes this is my least favourite, but it is filling the highligher gap I have in my kit. Like I’ve mentioned the lighter shades are rougher in texture and this is definitely true for this palette specifically.




03 All about Sunrise

I’m loving this palette! A very nice collection of warm neutral shades. My favourites are the top row of shadows and that dark brown will work beautifully for a smokey eye.  I love the peachy shade but unfortunately it’s the roughest of all the shadows, so it’s really hard to blend.




04 All about Paradise

This is the first palette that caught my eye, especially that pink and blue. I can’t wait to pair them with some of my matte shadows and pigments to create some magic. I suspect the peach shade in this palette is the same as the on in the sunrise palette. Also a gorgeous colour but just too grainy to blend. Other than that I’m highly impressed with the pigmentation of this palette.





This is a very good set of palettes to have if you like a bit of sparkle. They’re cost effective at R55 per palette and you get quite a bit of product for that price. I’m especially keen to complete my collection with All about Nude.


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