Concrete Minerals review and swatches 2

2015 UPDATE:
I can no longer in good faith suggest ordering directly from this company.
Click on the image below to read about the horrible service I got ordering from CM:Untitled-1


Original Post:

I finally got the rest of the Concrete Minerals matte pigments! (except Confessions which is a new release).

I’ve waited all of last year for black Friday to come around and I made sure I’d saved up well for the occasion. I made use of their 8 shadow special and their free shipping if you order more than $50 dollars. So it was a wonderful cherry on top when they included Wanderlust, a limited addition shadow that you could only get if you ordered it over that weekend and your total was over $50

To see my first review on Concrete Minerals, click here. 

So without further delay, here’s the shadows and my thoughts on them.


This is a stunning pigmented red. Slightly on the cool side and not as bright as Sugarpill’s Love+, but it contains no slight shimmer and is an amazing matte red that photographs great.



Top: bare skin. Bottom: Nyx HD eyeshadow base.


Quite a deep orange, more on the red than the yellow side. Beautifully matte and pigmented.



Top: bare skin. Bottom: Nyx HD eyeshadow base.


A buttercup yellow. Not quite as bright in real life as the swatch photographs but still plenty bright and since it’s a pigment its easy to build up. Fame works great over a white eyeshadow base, I like to use Inglot’s white gel liner.



Top: bare skin. Bottom: Nyx HD eyeshadow base.


This is a soft teal colour similar to Sugarpill’s Mochi. This one is just more towards the green side than the light blue. It’s quite light and very pastel when applied.



Top: bare skin. Bottom: Nyx HD eyeshadow base.


The holy grail of matte blue eyeshadows! It’s hard to explain how amazing this pigment really is. To my knowledge this is the best selling matte pigment for Concrete Minerals and it’s very clear why.
It’s a true royal, bright blue with insane pigmentation.



Top: bare skin. Bottom: Nyx HD eyeshadow base.


Ravage is beautiful soft lavender shade. Great for softening out looks and perfect for pastel trends.



Top: bare skin. Bottom: Nyx HD eyeshadow base.


This is a dark purple shade useful for creating depth in an eyeshadow look. I love using this for a smokey eye with a twist.



Top: bare skin. Bottom: Nyx HD eyeshadow base.


Pure black pigment. There’s not much to say, it’s a pigment, it’s black, it does it’s job as it should.



Top: bare skin. Bottom: Nyx HD eyeshadow base.


This is the limited edition shade that came with any purchase over the amount of $50 dollars on the day of the Black Friday sale. This is what that crappy Essence Twilight pigment wishes it was. A purple black pigment with a gorgeous shimmer to it. So stunning!



Top: bare skin. Bottom: Nyx HD eyeshadow base.


I got a sample of this with my first purchase of Concrete Minerals and I fell in love with it. I’m almost never tempted by shimmery pale shades, but I just had to have this for my kit. It works amazing in combination with Hi Fi!



Top: bare skin. Bottom: Nyx HD eyeshadow base.


I wish I’d truly known what this shade looked like earlier. Luckily I got a sample otherwise I might’ve never got to experience it. Like I said I’m not usually a fan of light shimmery shades, but I can think of so many uses for this pigment. It will definitely be in my next order. This is a soft peach highligter that warms up a cool pale complexion wonderfully.



Top: bare skin. Bottom: Nyx HD eyeshadow base.


This is definitely pretty, but I can never make up my mind whether I truly like it or not. Wicked is a pastel purple shade with a turquoise shimmer to it. Really something different, but I’m not always sure what to pair it with.



Top: bare skin. Bottom: Nyx HD eyeshadow base.


This is a reddish purple with a purplish shimmer. It’s a strange colour to try and describe. It tends to show up in swatches as much more purple than it is, which is why I was excited to get a sample of it. But in reality Wanderlust is much more my kinda dark purple shimmer pigment.



Top: bare skin. Bottom: Nyx HD eyeshadow base.


2 thoughts on “Concrete Minerals review and swatches 2

  1. mari says:

    I am hopelessly in love with Wanderlust (it’s part of the regular CM line now)! And I found it really helpful that here and there you compare the Pro Mattes with Sugarpill shades. I had actually been wondering for a while if Acidberry and Toxic are similar…same for I think for Velocity and Bulletproof. Despite the similarities the Sugarpill eyeshadows are a tad darker and not as matte. Greetings! 🙂

    • Mareli Basson says:

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂 I’m planning on comparing all these shades to the corresponding Sugarpill ones as well, as soon as time allows. I found it fascinating to see how they differ.

      I’m also super happy Wanderlust is now part of the permanent range! I can’t wait for Black Friday again this year to stock up ^_^

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