Sugarpill vs Concrete Minerals – The Matte Showdown

2015 UPDATE:
I can no longer in good faith suggest ordering directly from Concrete Minerals.
Click on the image below to read about the horrible service I got ordering from CM:Untitled-1

PS: Sugarpill is still golden, great products, great service!! It’s just Concrete Minerals that completely dropped the ball!



Original Post:

I’ve been wanting to do this for some time. The Matte Showdown: Sugarpill vs Concrete Minerals!

I’m a big fan of both brands. And I was very lucky this year to complete my Sugarpill palette collection by finally getting the Sweetheart palette. And double lucky that on Black Friday this year I got to order the rest of the Concrete Minerals matte collection. Once all the other colours arrive in the mail I’ll do a post update comparing all similar colours in both collections that I have.

So first off, this is not a which-brand-is-better comparison. Both have exceptional quality matte eyeshadows. This is just to show how their products compare to each other. Subtle differences in finish, pigmentation and things like that. Both are amazing! I can’t stress this enough. It’s just a matter of preference.

So below you’ll see which colours I have from both collections that are similar so far. 


First thing to know is that Sugarpill’s matte shadows are pressed eyeshadows and Concrete is loose pigments. So you immediately have a comparison in terms of pressed vs loose.


As you can see from the swatches. Despite seemingly appearing the same if you search for swatches online from both brands, there are differences. Both brands are marketed as highly pigmented matte shadows. And from a makeup perspective both deliver very well. From a photography point of view the slight shimmer…(actually it’s more a satin finish, extremely subtle), in the Sugarpill shadows does make them photograph differently than if they were completely matte like the Concrete pigments. In person Midori/Thrash, Afterparty/Domino and Dollipop/Hi-fi look extremely similar. But due to the slight satin finish in the Sugarpill shadows, they photograph lighter, but this also allows them to blend a bit easier. Toxic despite very often showing up in swatches as a contender for Acidberry is definitely more pastel in comparison than a bright acid green.

Technical side of things (how much do they cost):

Sugarpill: Single eyeshadows cost $12 for 3.5 grams (0.12oz) of product.
Equals: $3.4 /gram

Concrete Minerals: Matte pigments cost $8 for 1.5 grams (0.05 oz) of product.
Equals: $5.3/gram for Matte

So Concrete might sell a cheaper/smaller size, but their price per gram is much higher than Sugarpill’s. On the other hand Concrete offers free shipping internationally with any order over $50 or a $2.99 flat rate in the USA, whereas with Sugarpill your order needs to be over $100 to qualify for free shipping or ther flat rate is $6 in the USA.

Like I said, I’m a big fan of both, but there are subtle differences and pros & cons to both brands. But if you’re looking for great matte shadows either brand would do.

If you have any other question in terms of differences between the brands and you’re having trouble making up your mind, please leave a question and I’ll try to answer as best I can.


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