Accessorize palettes review and swatches

This was a very pleasant surprise. I’ve never even bothered to try out Accessorize’s makeup range. Don’t really know why, but when accessory shops bring out makeup ranges I’m skeptical. I noticed these palettes at Clicks and took a chance. The swatches were so pigmented! Very shimmery but vibrant, and there is a nice selection of matte shades in between. The texture of most of the shimmer shades are much smoother than Sleek’s and with less fall out. All the swatches below were done over Nyx’s HD eyeshadow base.

Have you used any of Accessorize’s products? What did you think of them?

You are everything




Lovely day

I love the shades in this palette. I’m always a sucker for deep warm shades. Especially the dark green is gorgeous. I’m looking forward to combining these with my matte shadows.




Update: I forgot to say, most of the shades are really frosty so unless you’re a teenager these won’t really be flattering for day wear. If you like dramatic colorful makeup then you should love this.


One thought on “Accessorize palettes review and swatches

  1. Sam Ellenberger says:

    I’ve got a primer and a limited edition eyeshadow palette they did a while back. I found one or two of them to be too sparkly. My eyelids are getting to that point where shimmery/frosty/glittery shades aren’t as flattering. The primer isn’t half bad, but I prefer the Catrice one (low end) or Smashbox one (high end)

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