Concrete Minerals review and swatches 1

2015 UPDATE:
I can no longer in good faith suggest ordering directly from this company.
Click on the image below to read about the horrible service I got ordering from CM:



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2013-05-23 15.00.11

It’s really hard to sum up how much I love these pigments! It was love at first swatch. ^_^

First thing the admin side of the order: It was nothing sort of perfect customer service and prompt delivery. I ordered directly from the Concrete Minerals website, making use of their generous Facebook fan discount (go join their page now, to get your code!) The order was promptly at my local post office in 2 weeks. That is a new record for prompt delivery on an international makeup offer for me. I’m already planning my next order. If your order is over $50 the shipping is free anywhere in the world. For the curious the order to South Africa worked out at R470 for the order and the customs&duties were about R270. The order was made on 8 May and delivered on 23 May.

Now onto the colourful side of things: The matte shadows were so easy to swatch, it’s ridiculous how pigmented they are! I tried to do the mineral shadows justice. I chose colours that have beautiful contrasting shimmers so it’s really difficult to capture how beautifully they react to light.

Keep reading to see my thoughts on the individual shades I got

Pro Matte Eyeshadows

These mattes are just amazing. I tried to choose shades I didn’t already own, so unfortunately there’s no overlap with my Sugarpill mattes. I can’t wait to get the rest of the mattes to see how the hold up against my Sugarpill shades. Who would like to see CM vs Sugarpill post? 

All the shadows were swatched in 3 parts: on clean skin, over primer (Nyx HD eyeshadow base) and applied wet.
All the mattes shadows will stain the skin when applied wet, especially Bruise leaves a very bright stain.


This shadow has to be my favourite of the mattes. It’s insanely pigmented even when applied without primer. It also lasts very well without primer. With primer on the otherhand it’s just amazing. So bright it hurts your eyes. (just the way I like them ^_^). Nothing to criticize here, just a perfect bright pigmented pink.




A bright, slightly dusty blue. Very close in texture to Hi-fi. Also no complaints in terms of pigmentation, texture or coverage.




A dark navy, just waiting to be used for a cut crease look. This looks great when used as a pushliner or just on your outer corners. Very good coverage once again.




A deep forest green. I can’t wait to use this one in a look (I’ve been waiting for a colour like this to do my next My Little Pony eye look ^_~)




This was the only colour to dissapoint me a bit. The texture isn’t chalky but the colour comes out that way for some reason. With the primer this gets fixed. It shows up as a beautiful pastel green. I would’ve loved a brighter shade of green, but it’s still a great shade to have in your kit.



Mineral Eyeshadows

The mineral shadows all have a smooth texture with great coverage.


This shade is amazing! A dark grey base with a pink-purplish shimmer. This showed up  much better than I anticipated in the swatches. This colour works great when used for a smokey eye. The shimmer comes out much better when used over a primer.




What can I say? This shadow is just… wow. So pigmented. I love the subtle pink sparkles in the shade. It’s a black base shadow with an aqua shimmer. The shade is deep, and will add a something special when added to a smokey eye.




This dark red brown should look great on any eye colour. It’s got enough red in it to compliment brown eyes. The blue shimmer works well with blue eyes. The shadow’s cool tone gives it a slight purple colour which should contrast well with green eyes.



Blood and guts

This is my favourite of the mineral eyeshadows. It goes beautifully with my eye colour. The aqua shimmer compliments blue eyes so well. This colour is quite close to MAC’s brown-blue pigment, just not as dark from what I can see in swatches. At $7 this is a steal.



A few more gratuitous images of all the shadows I got. With the 9 shadows I ordered they also included 2 samples. Prude and Wicked (swatches below).cm-6967

These were the first swatches I made on the evening I got them. You can see Prude all the way at the bottom; the soft pink shimmery shade. Wicked is just above it, the soft blue shade with the purple and aqua shimmer. They’re both really beautiful shades and I can’t wait to include them in my next order 🙂cm-6961

cm eyeshadow-6993 copy

Blood and guts over the lid, Arsenic on the other corners and Kryolan’s aqua silk powder in the inner corners.


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