Update time

So, except for the few small posts in April there’s a few bigger things I need to share.

Firstly at the end of Feb I left my job at the newspaper and have been interning at a great tech company since then. The amazing work environment has been doing me well 🙂 Other events of note were the Rae Morris workshop, Joyce’s wedding and AfrikaBurn. Keep reading..:)

The Rae Morris Workshop

At the start of April I experienced one of the highlights of my life. A Rae Morris makeup workshop!! I fangirled completely when I found out about her coming to SA. The first (and my fav) makeup book I bought is by her. which I’m very happy to say is now signed by the lady herself.

The workshop was held at the Kohl Makeup academy (thanks for organizing this Kohl! You guys are stars!) and it was great meeting all the wonderful artists that work there as well. Rae shared amazing tips and tricks not to mention entertaining behind-the-scenes anecdotes from her years as a celebrity makeup artist. She’s an incredible person, beautiful inside and out, I feel truly blessed that i could meet her.

Rae Morris and I
Rae showing us how to do a perfect foundation. Her radiance brush is perfection, I’ll have to start saving for that one.
Demonstrating her smokey eye techniques.
Rae showing us some creative tricks with an airbrush. S.J. was willing to sit in for this 🙂



Joyce’s wedding

Then on 15 March was one of my besties’ wedding, she looked so gorgeous! I got to help with her makeup and it was the first time I got to be a bridesmaid. It was a very fun experience ^_^


Joyce in her gorgeous wedding gown with her bouquet made from antique broaches.


Final event I’d like to update on, was AfrikaBurn which happened last weekend. If you’re not familiar with the event, check out their page or look up the Burning Man Festival that happens in California. It was my first time and I’d definitely suggest it to anyone considering going. A few days of undiluted freedom and crazy experiences (just make sure you have all the basic camping requirements). We met up with our colleagues from work; it was a great opportunity to get to know each other better. I made a point of taking face-paint with so I could gift my skills. I didn’t pack my camera as I didnt want anything coming between me and just enjoying the experience, so I only have a few snapshots to share which you can see on my facebook page. ^_^.

Were you at AfrikaBurn? Please share your experience, I’d love to hear what you got up to.


Ig in his all white desert outfit, it gave quite a few work colleagues a shock as they’re only used to him in his office black. 😉


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