How do you see yourself? Dove’s amazing new project

I just came across this project by Dove: Dove Real Beauty Sketches.

I’m completely in love with the concept! I always hope to show the people I’ve photographed a different side of themselves, how people tend to see them instead of how they think people see them. I always say I only edit away the things people don’t notice about them either way, in the natural portraits I take. But I’ve come to realise that no matter how slight the editing is (even when it’s close to no more than colour correction), people always attribute the difference between how they see themselves and the final photos as something I achieved and refuses to except people could see them that way. This project captures so perfectly what I’ve been trying to achieve, and it did it in a manner that doesn’t allow and denial.

I just wish Dove would start including men in their campaign as well. We sometimes forget how the image evolution is affecting them as well, I’d love to hear their voice too.


This one particularly stood out for me.

Click here for the sketches that were done of the other women


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