3 Little wonder products

beauty helpersThese are the three little wonder products in my beauty routine: oil cleansing method, coconut oil and baking soda. Keep reading to find out how they help me achieve healthy, soft skin.

Oil Cleansing method

About a year ago a friend introduced me the Oil Cleansing Method. Instead of the usual cleanser, toner and moisturizer you replace all of them with an oil mixture catered to your specific skin type. And if you’re thinking: “Don’t even talk to me; I have oily/combination/oil-slick skin.” This works especially great for oily skin! 

I have a combination skin, especially oily around my nose and forehead. After browsing the MakeupAlley forum on OCM I settled on a mix of equal parts castor and jojoba oil and a good dose of Tea Tree oil. Since starting this routine I’ve never looked back. This routine will not promise oil free skin, but what it gave me was more even skin type, instead of intermittent normal/oily areas wreaking havoc on my foundation wear. (And to be honest the biggest advantage of an oily skin type is that it doesn’t get wrinkles easily so why would I want to give that up?.) I can see that the texture of my skin is much better since starting OCM. Another friend of mine has extremely dry skin and she was so happy that for the first time she didn’t feel that uncomfortable tight feeling she used to get over the winter months.

This method doesn’t work for everyone but if you’re willing to give it a chance be warned that it will take about 2 weeks for your skin to get accustomed. The only other factor in my routine is every morning I apply MAC’s tinted moisturizer with SPF (Don’t neglect your sunblock ladies).


My blend (on the left) made up of equal parts Jojoba and caster oil, with a good dose of Tea Tree oil.

Coconut Oil

Pure Coconut Oil is my new favourite body moisturizer and hair mask. Over the last 2 years I’ve really put my hair through its paces especially my fringe. The ends are quite fried. Applying a layer of coconut oil once a week and sleeping with in my hair, does wonders. The next morning after washing it out, my hair is always super soft! Give it a try if your hair is a bit dried out or bleached beyond repair. It at least restores a measure of looking natural. Coconut oil has also replaced my shaving cream for my legs. It works great and your legs come out already moisturizer and looking great for your fav pair of heels. On a side note, coconut works great for the body, but it’s not suggested for the face as the particles in it is quite large and can block pores especially around the sensitive eye area.

Baking soda

Finally Baking soda is a great gentle daily exfoliant. I mix a little bit into my OCM oil mixture and exfoliate while I’m in the shower. I also suggest it to my models before shoots as it’s a great way to get rid of flaky skin.

These 3 products have cut a lot of hassle out of my beauty routine and in some areas have saved me quite a lot of money despite the jojoba and coconut being a bit pricey. Luckily both last very long before I need to replace them. Also the great thing about using natural products is that you do not need to worry about all the other strange ingredients normally found in beauty products.


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