Sleek iDivine Ultra Matts V1 swatches

2013-03-16 18.46.21

Ultra Matts V1

Another Sleek iDivine palette for my collection. This time the Ultra Mattes V1. I’m so excited to try a few looks with the palette. The colours are beautiful and the pigmentation is really good. The consistency is overall very smooth, i wouldn’t describe any of the shades as chalky. I wish the grey and off-white were more pigmented, but despite not showing up the should still make good blending shades.

In the swatches below the top row is swatched on bare skin and the bottom row is over Nyx HD eyeshadow primer.

mattes swatches-6217

From left: Chill, Pout, Sugarlite, Dragon Fly, Pucker, Bammi

My fav shades so far are the pinks and the green; mostly because I do not have any matte pinks or greens in my kit yet, so I’m really excited to try these out. The darker blue is also a great colour, it’s going to come in really handy with my Sugarpill palettes. The main reason i’m so excited about this palette is because the only Sugarpill palette I do no have yet is the SweatHeart palette. And luckily this palette contains exactly the colours from that palette that I wanted (pink, green and blue). They are by no means dupes, at least I can’t say it for sure as I can’t swatch the Sugarpill shadows to compare. But they’ll do in the meanwhile untill can save up for SweetHeart 

mattes swatches-6214

From left: Cricket, Bolt, Strike, Floss, Crete, Pow!

As you can see the soft pink, grey and off-white are almost nonexistent but they should be useful to blend other colours out with 

Overall I’m very happy with this palette, the pigmentation is great, the consistency is so smooth and for the price it’s a wonderful deal.

On a side note, I’m once again hearing rumours that Somerset Mall’s Foschini is considering discontinuing the Sleek range. In my opinion if it’s failing it’s due to Foschini’s mismanagement of the brand. They restock the palettes so infrequently and every time I get there it’s usually only the testers that are left. Why are the popular products in the brand not being restocked more regularly? (if it’s due to a supply problem, I apologise). Why is the display in shambles and why do they not look into Sleek’s other products that might have better appeal than the foundations (which in my opinion is the weak point of the brand). The way they treat it, it always looks like some cheap brand, and granted it’s packaging (especially on the glitter liners) looks cheap, but rather showcase the star products like the palettes and pencil liners. They never even stocked the Ultra Matts V2 palettes which should appeal to a wide audience. Either way rant end for now. I just generally get the feeling that whoever is responsible for that makeup department doesn’t care one iota about makeup. So sad -_- I don’t think I’ve gotten one good tip from that department as of yet. At least the MAC counter in the store is a saving grace it’s just a shame they can’t suggest other products in the shop.


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