Palette love!


Foschini finally realised they have empty Sleek palette shelves to stock again: Unfortunately, as usual, they mismanage sleek so badly, it really makes me sad :(. Luckily there was one palette left, which you will be seeing swatches of real soon.

Who else loves the Sleek range of makeup?


5 thoughts on “Palette love!

  1. Sam Ellenberger says:

    Which Sleek palette is that? Foschini here just had Storm, Sunset and Natural and I already have those 😦

    • Mareli Basson says:

      This is the Ultra Mattes v1 palette. Beautifully pigmented!

      Foschini is really mismanaging the brand, it always looks like some cast off brand at the back of the shop. I use their palettes in every shoot i do.

      • Sam Ellenberger says:

        I know, right? I stumbled onto the few palettes that I found there. Sleek is such an amazing brand. I love that they have matte shades. All the other affordable brands at Foschini are sparkly. Some are even glittery. They’re not updating their stock and it’s annoying. It’ll cost a fortune to order Sleek products online 😦

      • Mareli Basson says:

        strangely they have a flat shipping rate for international orders its the customs fee,duties and tax thats’ the bitch -_- my friend ordered recently, even got a pout paint, not so practicaly for day to day, but gorgeous for shoots!

  2. Sam Ellenberger says:

    It’s precisely that import duties and taxes I’m talking about. SARS is such a ripoff! My friend bought some reasonably priced bras.from a UK-based site as she battles to find decent, pretty bras in het size here. SARS slapped on an additional R500! She may as well have paid the ridiculous prices at boutiques like Storm in a G cup. I could get some great affordable makeup brushes from MUG, but the import duties make them as expensive as the MAC ones

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