Dark Mermaid

This shoot was such a rush and I’m probably much luckier than I should be with how well it came out, not that I’m complaining at all ^_^ Luckily the more skill you acquire the more “lucky” you become.

Thanks again to great team that helped to make this a reality. You can read more about the experience on my facebook page:

The team:

Model: Amy
Hairstyling: Marie-Anne
Hair colour: Storme Webster
Assistants: Cornelia and Ig
Makeup & Photography: Ambra photography





Click below for more behind-the-scene photos and a list of the products I used to achieve the makeup look:


Here’s a few extra shots of the makeup and behind the scenes:

Once again I’m surprised at how well Kryolan’s Ultra foundation photographs. To be honest it did not look as smooth on the skin as it photographed (the last photo in this post shows an unedited photo if you want to get an idea of what it looked like).

Products used:

Kryolan – Ultra foundation in Fair Olive
Sleek Eyedust – Fantasy
Kryolan eyeshadows – Olive and Aubergine
Kryolan Aqua color – Green(512), Brown(272) and Gold
Ralo Trio – Green


Just to show how dark it was out when we started the shoot. I really couldn’t see half the shots I took, at most I was just hoping Amy was in the frame. This shoot was quite far removed from the Pagan priestess in the sense that there I took a lot of time composing photos and being able to take the ambient light into account. Here i realised that approach wouldn’t work, so I set my Speedlight on my camera and wrapped tracing paper around it’s head to helpย diffuseย it a bit. The speedlight in the back was mostly ignored after I set it up, as it wasn’t practically possible to make sure she’s always in line with it. After doing what I could I trusted in Amy’s modeling ability and stuck to the basics of composition. When in doubt always stick to the basics ^_^


After throwing a few pellets of the dry ice on the water surface I soon realised they would just skitter wherever they wanted. Also they disolved quickly so we needed them quite close to Amy to get the right effect. So then the problem was how to stop them from floating into her, as the last thing I wanted was for her to get dry ice burns. Turned out if you just filled the bottom of my Beauty dish (aka round cake pan) with some water it floated quite well and she could hold it away from herself. So we just dumped a load of dry ice into it every now and then and she was able to move it around herself until the mists surrounded her ๐Ÿ™‚


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