Trendy red lips

Yesterday I decided to try out one of the trending NYFW makeup looks as a day look. I’m in love with the effect of this trend. I did end u doing my eyebrows darker than the original trend, but this was my twist on it 🙂


What sparked me trying this, was the fact that I finally had 6 empty mac products that I could exchange for a lipstick. I did a lot of research for which shade i wanted and settled on the amazing Ruby Woo. The reason: It’s completely and utterly matte. Not a hint of gloss or shine.


Along with Ruby Woo, i needed MAC’s Nightmoth pencil to pull off the look for the lip trend, but as i’m broke at the moment that wasn’t an option. Browsing around Clicks I found this Wine Red waterproof gel lip liner by Smudge for R30. Not an exact dupe for Nightmoth as the consistency doesn’t work that well with the lipstick, but it does the job it needs to.


Swatches for Ruby Woo and the Wine Red lip liner:


All products used for the final look:
Maybelline 24h tattoo – taupe (for my brows; this works like a charm)
Smashbox – Monarch palette
Essence – Clear brow and lash gel
Nyx – mocha blush
Michellori lip pencil – Romantic Red
MAC lipstick – Ruby Woo
Smudge waterproof gel lip liner- Wine Red




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