Monster High makeup collab: Take part now!


You can see the album with the entries here: Monster High Collab album


I’m running a Monster High makeup collab on my page for anyone who would like a bit of creative fun ^_^

Ambra photography & makeup

15 characters have already been snatched up, so hurry to pick yours quickly (the names in bold are still available).

To pick your character click on the photos below which will take you to the corresponding photo in my page gallery. Just leave a comment with the number/name of the character you want.

monster high p1

1. Frankie Stein  -Kaylee Claire

2. Cleo de Nile – Nicole tanzen

3. Clawdeen Wolf

4. Draculaura – Rita

5. Ghoulia Yelps

6. Lagoona Blue

7. Abbey Bominable – Genevieve

8. Spectra Vondergeist – Sam Ellenberger

9. Toralei Stripe

10. Heath Burns

11. Deuce Gorgon

monster high p2

12. C.A. Cupid – Trina (Nerdy MUA`)

13. Catrine DeMew – Linki

14. Nefera de Nile – Roxanne Rocknroll

15. Howleen Wolf

16. Operetta – Rita

17. Holt Hyde – Shattered perfection

18. Jackson Jekyll

19. Clawd Wolf

20. Invisi Billy

21. Gillington “Gil” Webber

monster high p3

22. Venus McFlytrap – Colorized by Andrea

23. Robecca Steam

24. Purrsephone – Cat Jacobs

25. Meowlody

26. Rochelle Goyle – Zenah

27. Scarah Screams

28. Jinafire Long – Ambra ME

29. Skelita Calaveras – Kaylee Claire

30. Headless Headmistress 

31. Gory Fangtell

32. Daughter of Arachne


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