Essence Long Lasting eyeliner swatches

I just love these eyeliners. They’re consistency is smooth and the colours are really jewel like.

The Black and brown are my go to colours for on the waterline and the usually last for the night. I still need to test the other colours as extensively. Most of them have a similar consistency, very smooth and almost kajal like, but they set well without being waterproof. Only the silver is really soft to the point of it being difficult to get a fine line if the weather is got.

You don’t need to press hard at all to get a nice vibrant line of colour. Though some of the colours (from the purple to green) has some trouble taking on the waterline.

Swatches for:

Black Fever (Black)
C’est la vie (Silver)
Hot Chocolate (Dark Brown)
Bling Bling (Gold)
I have a green (Dark green)
Tu-tu-touquoise (Light blue)
Cool down (Blue)
Touch of glam (Purple)





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