Sleek Eyedust swatches

All the swatches below are done in 3 parts: The first is on bare skin, the second over Nyx HD Eyeshadow base and the third applied wet using MAC Fix+ as mixing medium.

Except for So Sleek (pink) all the Sleek pigments are very grainy. This texture makes them tricky to blend sometimes and fall out is mostly a given. So remember to keep this in mind when doing a colour heavy eye makeup look. Applying the pigments wet does help to lessen the fall out problem.

All these pigments were bought from Foschini in Somerset Mall


A beautiful gold pigment. Not as yellow as Sugarpill’s Goldilux.
It’s quite a grainy pigment, I had to remove the shifter in my container as it didn’t allow enough product through. Despite this it blends out smoothly.

swatch-4633 swatch-4668


A dark/tarnished gold pigment. A really gorgeous and versatile shade.

swatch-4625 swatch-4671


A dark dusty pink pigment. Slightly finer texture than some of the other pigments and blends very well.

swatch-4634 swatch-4656

Jet set

An aquamarine pigment with a similar texture to Fantasy.

swatch-4629 swatch-4662


A black shimmer pigment. Due to the shimmer this is more like a very dark charcoal. But there’s also Drama (a matte black pigment) and Outrage (black with a silver sparkle), unfortunately I don’t have either of these pigments, but they’re better options if you’re looking for a more solid black pigment.

swatch-4627 swatch-4651


A stunning blue black pigment. In real life it appears even darker than in the photo but the blue shimmer shows up great in photos.

swatch-4630 swatch-4664

So Sleek

A candy pink. This is the finest textured of the Sleek pigments. This pigment works best over a primer and unlike the Essence – Miss Piggy’s Lollipop pigment, it doesn’t stain when applied wet.

swatch-4632 swatch-4660


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