My first attempt at a pencil cut crease

Finally managed to do a nice clean cut crease using Essence’s Teddy Kayal pencil. It really is much easier to create a cut crease using a pencil than trying to do it with eyeshadow. If I use eyeshadow it tends to end up in a smudgey mess.

Products used for this look:

Sugarpill – Burning heart palette
Sugarpill – Goldilux
Essence – Kayal pencil in Teddy
Nyx – Caviar and Bubbles palette
Essence – Longlasting black eyeliner
Clinique – High impact mascara
Catrice – Black gel eyeliner

First I tried just a straight crease across that joins up at the tip of my eyebrows, it gives a pretty effect but does look a bit strange. It works great for emphasizing colour though.



Secondly I tried the rounded out crease. You can see I placed the cut crease line higher than my natural crease to get more space for the colour. Unfortunately when my eyes are open very lid space shows, so I’m using the cut crease technique to create a bigger lid space. It worked quite well. I just need to learn how to draw a thinner at my lash base. It’s easy to do on someone else but so hard when I try it on myself.




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