Essence Pigments swatches

Here’s swatches for all the Essence pigments I have so far. Each pigment has been swatched in 3 parts.

The first swatch is on bare skin, the second over Nyx HD eyeshadow base and the third applied wet – mixed with MAC Fix+ spray as mixing medium).

02 Smell the caramel

A beautiful golden pigment, which applies great without any primer underneath.

swatch-4543 swatch-4508

03 Box of chocolate

A cool dark brown with a fine silver sparkle. Looks beautiful in the crease.



05 Star dust

A grey silver (great for recreating the Dior fall 2012 look). The shimmer of the pigment doesn’t adhere well to the skin without the primer.

swatch-4546 swatch-4505

06 WOW it’s orange!

A beautiful neon orange with a slight pink twinge and subtle gold shimmer. The shimmer unfortunately blends away when used without a primer and all you’re left with is the pink/orange colour.

swatch-4548 swatch-4536

TAKE NOTE: This pigment when applied wet stains

08 Cop & copper

A stunning metallic copper pigment. It applies great without the primer.

swatch-4542 swatch-4514

12 Miss Piggy’s lollipop

A beautiful bright pink with a sheer blue shimmer. Almost sheers away completely without the primer.

swatch-4551 swatch-4521

TAKE NOTE: This pigment, when applied wet, stain a little

13 Paparedzzi

A stunning shimmery red. It applies very bright without a primer, but you get much better payoff with the primer underneath.

swatch-4552 swatch-4534

13 Strawberry smoothie

Such a beautiful dusty pink pigment. Applies great without a primer, but looks and last much longer with it. Works great for bridal makeup.

swatch-4550 swatch-4511

18 Little mermaid

A stunning bright light blue. Just be aware of staining if applied wet (see below)

swatch-4545 swatch-4526

TAKE NOTE: This pigment, when applied wet, stain

02 Alice had a vision – again

Supposed to be a beautiful dark purple; unfortunately the amount of effort you have to do to get a good payoff sucks. Without a primer underneath the shimmer blends away completely (as can be seen in the first swatch); all you’re left with is the brownish base colour. The primer helps, but you still need to pile it on and then it makes it really hard to blend. A very messy pigment without much return in terms of colour. I’d rather suggest the dark purple in Sleek’s iDivine Bad Girl palette (11 or 12 on the swatches).

swatch-4541 swatch-4533


3 thoughts on “Essence Pigments swatches

  1. Isabel says:

    I don’t comment much on your blog and don’t do make-up much, but I like this post and the advice with examples with how it could stain. Just wanted to say that your blog gives useful feedback on experiences with the make up you try out.

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