Ecotools by Alicia Silverstone 5 piece brush set review

These brushes are so amazing!!

The bristles are made from synthetic taklon and so super soft. Despite the softness they have a firmness that  picks up product well. In South Africa these aren’t as readily available, unfortunately, but sometimes you’ll find an individual brush or if you’re really lucky you find a set like I did on Thursday at Pick ‘n’ Pay (Somerset West Mall). The set only goes for about R160. That is insane for the quality!

You get 4 brushes and a handy pouch to keep them in. The brushes include a blush brush, stippling brush, eyeshadow blending brush and an eyebrow/lash grooming comb.

You’re best chances of finding these is to just check out the big Pick ‘n’ Pay branches. The Ecotools site only ships in the USA, so sad :(. But I’m going to be making a plan and hopefully I’ll be able to add more of these to my kit.




I love this pouch, very useful and so pretty.



Blush brush


Stippling brush


Eyeshadow blending brush


Eyebrow/lash grooming comb

I also managed to find this extra blush brush from the Waterstone Pick ‘n’ Pay in Somerset West. swatch-4297

Below you can see the size difference between the standard blush brush (right) and the blush brush from the set. This brush might work well for bronzing.

For the price and quality I would definitely suggest these brushes to anyone. They’re really amazing and will make a difference to your application.



5 thoughts on “Ecotools by Alicia Silverstone 5 piece brush set review

  1. Sam says:

    Clicks stocks them as well. I got the travel set a few months back. Can’t remember what I paid for it though, but I doubt it was as much as that. It also contains 4 brushes (with short handles) in a travel pouch. I got the foundation brush at Clicks too and it was R89. They’re brilliant brushes and aren’t too expensive.

    • Mareli Basson says:

      thanks for the tip, i actually went to the biggest Clicks branch here but didn’t see them at all. I was hoping they’d have it as it fits with the other products they stock. Maybe i should check some of the other branches as well, might strike it lucky there, 🙂

      • Sam says:

        I got mine at the Blue Route branch. They’re not the biggest, but sometimes the cosmetics section surprises one. I didn’t realise they were Alicia Silverstone’s. My set just says Ectools earth-friendly beauty. The font and logo are identical though. They blend so beautifully

  2. BEENA says:

    I got them at the Clicks the new Forest Hill shopping center in Pretoria. Big variety. For my lovely daughter – make up doll.

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