Maybelline – Color Tattoo swatches

The colours featured in this swatch are Permanent Taupe (aka Tough as Taupe), Turquoise Forever (aka Tenacious Teal) and Timeless Black. The durability on all three of these are amazing and they work great as base colours for a bright eye shadow look.

Permanent Taupe

A beautiful matte neutral shade. Great as a base for neutral smokey eyes.



Turquoise Forever

Stunning bright blue colour, a true jewel tone




Timeless Black

Beautiful true black, semi-matte finish. Looks great under coloured glitters or dense shimmer pigments as a base.





5 thoughts on “Maybelline – Color Tattoo swatches

    • Mareli Basson says:

      Bold gold does look great, we only have eternal gold here which is a pale gold shade.

      I wish i could get my hands on fierce and tangy.

      • addercatter says:

        Where do you live? I’ve been thinking about doing some type of swap thing with other bloggers… like things we cant get in our own countries, etc. I can get pretty much anything drugstore to high end (makeup, etc) here in my city in the US. Maybe I should write a post about it. What do you think?

      • Mareli Basson says:

        That would be great! I’d love to participate ^_^

        I live in South Africa so I’m just not sure what I’d be able to find that you can’t get.
        At most we have a few companies that have excelled at skincare ranges. Considering how harsh the sun is here they have some great products to help against sun damage and also Aloe based skin care products.

        If you’d like to do a swap just let me know, I’d be very keen! ^_^

      • addercatter says:

        Sorry, I just now got around to reading replies :-S we should definitely discuss doing this. I posted about it on my blog… Wait I think I did… Maybe I didn’t actually do it yet. Anyways I will go check and post it if I haven’t yet. If you want to go to my blog and comment in that post, maybe we can get other bloggers to join in as well!

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