Please vote for me!

I’ve just entered this look for the Makeupbee, QueenBee competition and I would really appreciate your support ^_^
To vote for me click on either of the images and it will redirect you to the page






2 thoughts on “Please vote for me!

  1. Isabel says:

    Once on the page it is a bit unclear how one should vote, do you need to be logged in, do you need to “luv” it, like it, compliment it or what? I really like how it came out and would love to vote for you, just a bit unsure how.

    • Mareli Basson says:

      as far as I understand you need to “luv” it:
      “The more likes you collect, the more chances of winning
      Community members are encouraged to “LIKE” their favorite entries to show support”
      The instructions might also refer to clicking like next to the facebook share option.
      Thanks so much for the support ^_^ I’m mostly just entering for the fun of it, I entered my new year’s glitter look to the glamour competition as well 🙂

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