Hair chalking

This evening I tried my hand at hair chalking. It’s quite fun to be honest and the results are better than I expected. I tried it on my bleached and dark hair (the advantage of having two tone hair ^_^). Below you can see the result, the section that is fading from red to orange is the chalked bit – it’s usually as light as that overlapping whitish bit. So it definitely works super well on light hair. Towards the dark hair you can see a section of dark orange; that was done over very dark hair and still managed to show up well.



For this experiment I used Faber Castell soft pastels. (I was searching for Staedtler, as I heard they’re the most pigmented but couldn’t find any.) The FC’s worked well enough though so no worries. I bought them for about R10 a stick from Crafters Inn in Somerset West. Or you can buy a full set from PNA for about R120 (if I remember correctly)


Be warned this is a messy process Some tips and tricks: To get better colour play off you can wet your hair – this is essential for dark hair and for light hair this might not even be necessary, be careful as I can imagine it might stain very light hair if you wet it beforehand. Rub the chalk along the length of a section you wetted building up a layer of colour. Try to avoid going all the way to the root of the hair. Once you’re done, gently comb out the knots and the leave to air dry. If you’re really in a hurry you can blast it with your dryer but this might blow off some of the chalk. Once it’s dry you’ll find its quite difficult to comb ur hair, that just means you have a proper coating of chalk in your hair. This is also why it’s important to stay away from the roots so ur hair can still part naturally and not look too dried out. This is unfortunately a side effect of chalking – ur hair might look quite dry where you applied it but remember you just applied bucket loads of the product that does the same thing as dry shampoo, so you shouldn’t be surprised. Ok now you can set the colour somewhat by running a flat- or curling iron over it. Be warned though that in no way will this prevent the chalk from giving/rubbing off during the rest of the day. That’s why it’s a good idea to wear a top similar in colour to the chalk you used and also try to not touch or fiddle with your hair after you’re done or you’ll have very colourful fingers. When it’s bed time remember to sleep on an old pillowcase as you’ll wake up with a lovely chalk drawing all over it in the morning. (you might want to prepare for this before going out so you don’t forget when you get home tired, just a suggestion) Overall I can’t wait to try this out with more colours. It might be a bit of effort but is acceptable for the vibrant colours and how easy it is to wash out again. Go give it a try and send me a pic of how yours turned out ^_^

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