Inspired shoot: Lana del Rey

I can’t explain how much fun this shoot was!!

It literally started with Lauren (my gorgeous model) uploading a cover image on Facebook of Lana del Rey and me commenting that she could totally pull off Lana’s look. Next moment I got a message: “ok challenge accepted. So you shooting? ;)”

How could I pass up the opportunity?! And as it was a style so removed from what I normally get up to, it was a wonderful challenge makeup and photography wise ^_^

Lauren is to thank for pulling the team together that worked on the shoot. It was my first time really working with a stylist and I can vouch that it makes a huge difference to a photographer’s process.  Usually just doing the makeup and styling tires me out mentally, so when I actually get to the photography side I’m out of energy to come up with new ideas and sometimes just want to get that part of it over with. We shot at 3 different locations, with three different outfits and completely different lighting and scene setups and at the end of all that I still had energy to spare ^_^.

Nicolette did an amazing job on Lauren’s hair, it lasted all the way through the day up to the point that we dunked her in the pool.  And Kyle C., my assistant, did a great job of being exactly where I needed him to be when I needed him there; two great attributes for an assistant to have ^_^

Roxy unfortunately couldn’t join us on the day of the shoot, but she donated quite a portion of her cupboard towards our cause. I especially loved the high waisted shorts from the second look and the chain strap velvet leotard from the pool set.

Thanks to all you guys for the great work you did!

And last but not least a great big thank you to our two gorgeous models of the day, Lauren and Matthew, who both did an outstanding job. Lauren is more used to be behind a camera than in front of it, being a great photographer herself. She really nailed Lana’s look and Matthew was the perfect accompaniment (he’s tattoos are stunning up-close).

The Team (from left): Lauren, Kyle, Nicolette, Matthew, Kyle C. and myself.

The Team:

Photographer and makeup artist: Ambra photography
Model: Lauren Hochfelden and Matthew Tyler
Stylist: Kyle Solms
Hairstylist: Nicolette Castelyn
Photographic assistant: Kyle Castelyn
Clothing: Roxy Caroline


And now for your viewing pleasure, here’s the series of images:


I will do an extra post later on how I achieved the Lana del Rey makeup look. Check back soon to see it

Much love


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