Essence Lip Base + Pigment review and my top 10 colour combos

Yesterday I flooded my page with all the 2-colour combinations I can currently create using the Essence pigments and Colour Arts Lip Base I  have.  It really is such a fun system especially for me as a makeup artist for photoshoots. I can pretty much create any colour I could need.

I wasn’t planning on buying any of the lighter shimmer pigment shades as they don’t really function well as eyeshadows. The shimmer is too rough and easily flakes off the skin (Nyx’s Ultra Pearl Mania are much better if you’re looking for highlighters). But I think they might work perfectly for mixing into custom lip colours.

The main disadvantage to this system is that it’s not practical if you want to wear the gloss throughout the day. Imagine having to pre-mix the gloss every time before you want to apply it. The only way to maybe make it work is pre-mixing an amount of the colour and storing it in one of the jars you can also buy as part of the Colour Arts set. Be warned though that certain of the pigments separate easier than others.  12 Miss Piggy’s lollipop is an example that separates easily and then sits in the fine lines of you lips. On the other hand the more neutral metallic pigments such as 02 Smell the caramel and 08 Cop & Copper, mixes incredibly smoothly and lasts quite well.

I love the Lip Base! It’s working very well as a substitute so I don’t have to use up my MAC Creme Gloss Brilliance. Unfortunately I think its consistency is contributing to some of the pigments separating so easily. My advice would be to find your favourite long-wear clear gloss and mix the pigments into a bit of that. The Lip Base works brilliantly for photoshoots where you want a high gloss look, but it’s not long wearing at all.

My top 10 favourite colour combos:



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