Essence Breaking Dawn Shimmer Powder – 01 Bella’s secret vs Smashbox Burlesque loose shimmer

My all time favourite highlighter is Smashbox’s Burlesque loose shimmer. Only problem is you only got 1g of product with the Burlesque set with no option of purchasing it separately or at all since the kit isn’t available anymore. Obviously I’ve been super careful with the little bit I have; only using it for super special occasions or photoshoots. It’s the most gorgeous golden pink colour, but when it’s blended into the skin it’s the most amazing golden highlight with a very subtle glitter to it. (It looks amazing on tanned skin.)

The reason for telling you all this is because today I finally found a product to “replace” it. Yay!! And I’m especially surprised that it’s an Essence highlighter, (slightly annoyed that it’s a Breaking Dawn merchandise product :P). Don’t get me wrong Essence has some amazing products but I’ve always found their highlighters to be quite rough and too sparkly. On a hunch i swatched some of the highlighter and was so stunned for a moment. It went on incredibly smooth with that self-same golden shimmer of my Smashbox loose shimmer. I immediately thought how perfect this would be for highlighting someone’s lips and eyes, so many uses!

Below you can see swatches of the Essence and Smashbox shimmers right next to each other. (sorry for the bad cellphone photos, though I do think it shows how good these shimmers hold up if you can see them in these pics)

With flash
Left: Essence Breaking Dawn Shimmer powder – 01 Bella’s secret
Right: Smashbox loose shimmer

Without flash
Left: Essence Breaking Dawn Shimmer powder – 01 Bella’s secret
Right: Smashbox loose shimmer

I find it interesting how the  Smashbox’s shimmer shows up better without a flash and the Essence one shows up really well with a flash.

The Essence shimmer actually goes on much smoother than the Smashbox one but it has exactly the same beautiful golden highlight. I actually prefer the smoother texture as this should give a great dewy finish to the skin.

Other big advantage is the Essence product is it’s a whopping 11g for only R40. This is going to last me ages and now I can try more creative highlighting as I’m not so scared of my product getting used up. Just goes to prove again that you don’t need to pay big amounts for really good products. As this is a trend product I’m considering stocking up on it so I dont have to worry about it running out any time soon^_^

Below are just a few more pics of the Essence shimmer on its own so you can really get an idea of what a pretty highlighter it is.

Without flash

With flash


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