Halloween Cosplay Picnic – Cape Town

This was such a fun event! It was organised by Cosplay Cape Town.

Saturday morning was spent putting the last props together (aka trying to figure out how to get the horns to stay on). I didn’t really have time to create a costume for a known character so I had to settle for my own creation. The horns was something I tried making a few weeks ago due to a creative urge. (I love how they came out so much! can’t wait to use them for a shoot).

Also we got to take the adorable Aurora with us, she looked so cute as Reimu from Touhou.

When we arrived at Kirstenbosch gardens we didn’t see anyone else dressed up and I started feeling nervous. I’m fine with dressing up at night, but during the day can be quite intimidating. So we just kept walking and searching for the picnic. At the same time I was trying to keep my horns form falling off my head as the screws were pulling out of the styrofoam base. Next moment we turned a corner and there was the whole herd of cosplayers. And in typical comic fashion, that’s the moment my one horn decided to jump ship. 😛 Luckily I’d packed my screwdriver and it was a small enough thing to fix.

There were such amazing costumes!

Taken by Animated Meanderings

So this is what my fiance and I looked like for the picnic:

Tinkerbell photobomb!
Taken by Azadie Abrahams

Taken by Aluta Mlisana


Cat as Ai (Hell Girl) – I just had to get a shot of her with my red glasses


Leyla as Stocking (Panty, Stocking and Garter Belt)


Aurora as Reimu (Touhou)


Elza as the monk (Diablo3)


Armand as Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler


My fav photo of my horns for the day


Just a quick shot after we got hom of the makeup with my cosplay

There were some amazing cosplayers, if you’d like to see more photos, you should check out the Cosplay Cape Town group.


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