My first video tutorial!

So here it is finally! My first video tutorial…. 😛

This is in response to Nicole who asked for more tutorials and behind the scene photos. I’ll say this, it’s very weird seeing myself in video over and over and…over and…over…and over, while trying to cut this together. I’ll still get used to taking more process photos as I go along.

A few things I’ve learnt from this video:
I need to find a space with better lighting
I really do pull some weird faces while doing my makeup O_o
I say “um” a lot..
And it’s harder than it looks to keep focussing on the camera instead of the screen, but I already did a lot better during my second try ^_^

I almost forgot to take a picture of the final makeup look. At least I can now prove again that my Nyx HD eyeshadow base does its job. This was applied at about 11am and it is now about 11pm (that’s why the inner corners are a bit rubbed off from me feeling sleepy :P). So despite me vigorously rubbing my eyes, which despite even that most of the makeup is still in place.

Products used:
Essence – Pigments: 08 Cop & copper
Sugarpill – Poison plum and Flamepoint
Essence – Fix & Matte translucent powder
Blink + go – Palette 02 blush
Revlon – Photo ready 3D Volume mascara

I’ll start getting used to this whole documenting process a bit more as my blog continues ^_^

Thanks for taking a look. Please leave a comment below if you liked what you saw

Much love


2 thoughts on “My first video tutorial!

  1. nicoletanzenbest says:

    Now that’s exactly what I wanted – thanks for humoring me! I am quite impressed actually, definitely a better video than I’d be able to make. 😉

    Also, it made me warm and fuzzy when you showed the Essences powder…it’s a staple product of my personal kit, so cheap and so awesome! It works better than some of the MUCH more expensive loose powders.

    Very cool blog post indeed! 🙂

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