Essence Pigments in SA!!! Swatches

This is so worth living on sandwiches for the rest of the month. With the current backlog where South African shops stock the Essence trends about 6months after the are announced I was expecting these to only arrive next year some time.

This was best surprise! ^_^

Posted from my BlackBerry.

UPDATE: So below is what my hand ended up looking like after finding the brand new display. Isn’t that red gorgeous!?

Ok so my first impression from these quick swatches: The coppers, golds and mid-tone browns are gorgeously pigmented. (strange the orange wasn’t as much as I would’ve expected). The blues and purple are very pretty, though so shimmery they almost look sheer, but they photography very nicely. The pink is stunning it almost has a blue holographic shimmer to it. The black is more charcoal than actual black. The neon orange/red shade has a beautiful subtle gold shimmer that really comes out in bright light, but from some distance it actually comes across matte. The green is too…i don’t know…it’s just not nice. Maybe for a subtle green blended in with other colours, but it’s no where near as bright as it looks on the display, which is a shame.

The really light highlight type pigments were quite a let down. Their shimmer is too coarse and just flaked off immediately – you can see them on the complete right of the hand. This included the silver, the white and the pale gold. I will concede that with these Nyx kicks Essence’s ass.

But I must add for about R50 you get 0.06fl.oz of pigment in a Nyx Pearl Loose shadow and they mostly come in muted soft pastel shades. Whereas with Essence you get extreme colour at R30 for 0.09fl.oz of product. Almost a third more for half the price!! I think a combination of these and the Nyx Pigments would create a very strong set of colours. Drawing on the strengths of both. Colour from essence, shimmer highlights from Nyx.

I’ve bought six of these shades and I’ve already created my swatch images. Will upload them when I get a chance ^_~

UPDATE: To see swatches of the pigments when mixed with the Lip Base you can look through these posts: Lip Base + Pigment swatches


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