Kultür Reloaded

So a few weeks ago I got to be the makeup artist for a cover photo-shoot for Kultür Magazine. So exciting!! ^_^

I can finally show you guys some of the images as the cover was made public this week.

This shoot was also dubbed the “cursed shoot” due to all the things that kept going wrong during its planning and on the day of the shoot. You can look towards the bottom if you want to see the photographer’s, Christo Muller’s, account of everything that happened.

As the original stylist was in hospital I also jumped in as impromptu stylist on the day, luckily we had the costumes she had sourced beforehand It was so much fun to do the styling for someone else’s shoot! (I packed way too many accessories as usual) And to be honest it was a lot of fun not to have to worry about the photography side of things.

This was the first time I got to work with fake blood. I’ve never been much of a gore junkie, but I can understand the appeal. Will try to experiment with it a bit more sometime, just for the experience.

So here’s the whole run down of who was involved for this shoot:

Model & hair:  Amy Kaye
Makeup & stylist: Mareli Basson
Costume sourcing: Lauren Chowles
Lighting Assistant: Monique Immelman
Photographer: Christo Muller

Official cover for Issue 14, October 2012

Cover image without all the text on it

“Cursed Shoot” as told by Christo, the photographer for this shoot:

The cursed photo-shoot.

Right so we organize a shoot. I conceptualize and organise everything. The day before the shoot I g

et hectic gastro. I have to make the calls from the loo. Then the model gets sick. The then make-up artist has a loss in the family and is overseas.Right organise a new make-up artist. We set a date for the shoot. Last date because we have a deadline. All systems gp. I set up a shoot brief. Reference images, location styling everything. I even know where the sun is going to be at what time. Everything planned down to a T.

The day before the shoot I get a call … stylist is in hospital but I can come collect the outfits … on the other side of the Cape Peninsula.

Day of the shoot. Monique’s shoot take a little longer but no worries I have my equipment checklist. Double check everything, including spare CF card.

Rush to get the outfits. A little late (got lost as my GPS was on acid) but fantastic. Get to the location, everyone else is there and we have time to spare. While the mua is busy I check my equipment … I forgot my camera in my studio (WITH THE CHECKLIST).

Profusely apologize for the most unprofessional thing I could ever have done. Pay everyone petrol money ad of we go, 60km back to the Strand. We drive up the foot of the mountain and get a location. I have 20 minutes to go get my camera. Every single robot is red. All 12 of them. I discover my bank card is missing so I have to stop at the last shop I was at to see if they have it. Luckily they do. Decide to take another route with less robots so a truck turns in front of me and it takes longer to get back.

Shoot is done now but if EVER there was a cursed shoot then this was it lol

And despite all that happening in behind the scenes, it came out great! ^_^
Can’t wait to show you guys the rest of the images ^_~ Keep an eye out!

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