A touch of Egypt

I’m so friggin excited over these pics!! ^_^

It’s seldom that I like pics of myself this much, but these just came out so awesome (thanks to my fiance for doing the honours as camera man ^_^)

On Sunday I was feeling inspired and after a failed attempt at finding a guinea pig I practiced on myself. After I was done with the basic look, I just started messing around with my wig, necklaces and whatever else I could find. I tend to have a very vague idea of what I actually want to do, it starts with a colour or a style of makeup that I want to try and from there it just gets a life of its own. I love being surprised! ^_^

So for those interested, the products used were:

Catrice Photofinish liquid foundation
MAC Lip Mix – Blue and white mixed for the lips (check out my Lip Mix swatches to see more mixes)
Sleek iDevine – Circus: matt blue and black; Storm: gold shadow  &  Acid: shimmer blues.
Paris Hilton – Party Girl lashes FYI despite them looking quite pretty in these shots they were a nightmare to work with. The sequin strips kept pulling loose and some of the stones even popped off, and it’s not like I was torturing them =/
Ralo – Matte 112 nail polish
Essence – Make it golden nail polish
Cosplay DNA  wigI’ve used this wig in a few shoots before (here and here) and recently trimmed it myself into the style you see in the above pics; it was surprisingly a lot easier than I thought it would be.


5 thoughts on “A touch of Egypt

  1. Isabel Basson says:

    Oh wow, been waiting to see how this played out and it came out beautifully!
    The first of the two photos is my favorite. Really pulled of the look well and glad to see the wig used again 🙂
    I assume the nail polish has gold flecks on them?

    • Mareli Basson says:

      Thanks so much! ^_^
      It was so much fun doing the styling for this set, just messed around with accessories till I found something that work.
      Yep I put a Essence’s Make it golden top coat over the blue nail polish

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