Dancer in the forest

The original inspiration for this shoot was autumn leaves. But after spending several hours trying to sew the oh-too-delicate leaves onto my old matric farewell dress and seeing them wilt in a few hours, I realised this might not be the best option. So I went looking for new leaves to work with and the ones that were sturdy enough not to wilt, were also not the type to turn beautiful shades of orange and brown, so adapted that idea and focused on the green rather. It took about 7hours to sew the leaves onto the dress, but it was definitely worth it in the end 😀

Roxanne was my beautiful model for this shoot. She’s a very accomplished belly dancer; you should definitely check out her blog here: Shimmies, Sequins and Slippers. We’d discussed doing a shoot together for sometime and I really wanted to do something special with her hence the leaf-dress idea getting pulled into the light.

To date still one of my favourite shoots and it happened in May 2011. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

Model: Roxanne
Hair: Natasha Heyns
Makeup: Myself


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