MAC Lip Mix – Dark lip with primary colours

Lip Mixes in White, Blue, Yellow and Fuchsia

The other day I was wondering how dark I can go with my MAC lip mixes….so there was only one way to find out.

If you mix equal parts of the red, blue and yellow, you will get a very nice dark shade. I mixed in a bit of the MAC Lip Creme Brilliance to extend it a bit and smooth out the consistency. On their own the 3 pigments give a very dark shade, but it had trouble covering my lips smoothly, even with the Creme Brilliance added to it.

To help with the opacity I mixed in the tiniest amount of white Lip Mix, which worked beautifully.

The final result was quite close to black. Where a normal black lipstick would’ve been darker, this had a beautiful depth to it due to the colours used to mix it. Also it would’ve been very easy to tint the “black” any shade you want to fit an overall look better.

All three primary shades of MAC Lip Mix mixed together to get a beautiful dark, almost black shade

And who said you only have to use the Lip Mixes on your lips. With what was leftover I did a glossy eye-look. Doesn’t work as well when you just use Gel Eyeliner with some Creme Brilliance over it, but I think with the pure Lip Mix pigments it might look beautiful.

Not the best use for the MAC Lip Mixes, but it has potential when smoothed out.

WARNING: if you choose to use the fuchsia Lip Mix anywhere other than your lips, it stains like a mofo! I learnt this the hard way, so beware!


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