Steampunk Phantom of the Opera makeup

I found these amazing beads at the craft shop and just knew they would be great for creating a Steampunk makeup style. So when I got home I immediately started on something..

My fiance was the one to point out it resembles the Phantom of the Opera’s half-mask.

As far as I can remember I used the following products:

Nyx Yellow Gold Eye loose pearl eyeshadow
Sleek i-Devine Storm Palette
Essence Gel Eyeliner – Midnight in Paris 01
Kryolan FX wax (I don’t see the precise product on their site anymore but I guess the Special Plastic or the Cine Wax would be closest to this)
Beads from PNA craft section

I enjoyed myself immensely while doing this! ^_^

Please let me know in the comments if you know of any tricks to get a better metallic look with makeup


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