Body issues

Body Image Issues ? - The Getty Center

Body Image Issues ? – The Getty Center (Photo credit: Al_HikesAZ)

On this topic, I found this amazing site today: My Body Gallery

My Body Gallery is a collection of pictures of normal women of all different shapes and sizes. You enter your height and weight and then it shows you images of other women at the same weight and height. You can also refine it down to clothing size and body type if you like.

I just thought this is such a brilliant idea!! Too many women get used to comparing themselves to unrealistic and retouched images. And sometimes they actually look really good for their weight, they just have nothing to compare it to.
The site was started by a 16-year-old girl who struggled with an eating disorder and this comparison is something she found solace in.

I hope this some of you will help her initiative and add your photos to the collection. The offer is open to any women who want to contribute and she offers the option that you can cover your face to insure anonymity.

I also found this draft from quite sometime ago that I forgot to post, but it fits in well with this topic:

Another good link to check out is Curvy Girls Are Better. I really think these girls are gorgeous!


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