MAC Lipmix swatches

To be honest until 3 weeks ago I wasn’t even aware MAC had this product. I was familiar with OCC Lip Tars and Sleek’s Pout Paints, but not MAC’s version of it. Unfortunately none of which are available in South Africa.

Firstly let me explain why this is so special: It’s highly pigmented lip glosses that you can MIX. Actually you’re encouraged to do so. That’s the whole point. They’re insanely bright and you only need really small amounts to cover your lips.

How did I get my hands on these? A friend had gone to Europe for a short holiday and asked what she can bring me. I realized the one thing I can’t get any equivalent of on South Africa is this type of product. My first choice was the Pout Paints as they’d gotten better ratings than the Lip Tars and they’re half the price. But when she couldn’t find them or the Lip Tars she sent me a link for the MAC Lip Mixes, which could be found in select MAC Pro Stores. Due to the price (R120 a piece) I was reluctant as I could’ve gotten double the amount of Pout Paints for the same price and with only two shades it seemed a waste if you’re supposed to experiment with mixing colours. I ended up telling her to bring me the brightest pink and the darkest red/purple shade she could find. Instead she did me one better. The 3 primary colours and a tube of white of which 2 is now my early birthday gift. Thanks Joyce!!! You’re a star!

I’d only gotten them today and I’ve already tried so many combos, all of which would work wonderfully in a photoshoot. I can’t wait to use them for one!! I eventually had to stop as my lips started getting sensitive from rubbing them clean the whole time to try another combo 😛

First off Fuchsia and the Blue are both very bright and mixes wonderfully together but also with the white. The Yellow is strong on its own, but has difficulty giving smooth coverage when mixed with the White, but that’s mostly due to the White’s consistency. I tried doing a pure white lip, but it would take more of the product then I’m currently willing to use, as it’s the mixing base that I’ll be using for most of my shades.

They can be a bit drying and for that reason I’ve seen a few other blogs suggested applying lip balm before painting on the Lip Mixes. I decided to take another route as I have a tube of MAC Gloss Creme Brilliance (and still trying to figure out what exactly to use it for). Mixing a bit of that in with the Lip Mix, helped extend the amount and smoothed out the consistency beautifully.

But it should be noted that these are not just for high-colour addicts like myself. You can use these to mix your own lipstick colours, if you have difficulty finding your perfect shade. The last clip in my slideshow I tried to mix a more subtle shade. It came out so nice! Though you’ll need to stock up on white if you’re going for more subtle shades.

So below is a quick slide show of all the things I tried this afternoon. First I tested the colours each on their own (I didn’t put a shot of the White on its own, because it’s really not worth it, if you want one specially let me know). Then I mixed them with the White. I must say the White and Fuchsia mix gives the most gorgeous candy (almost neon) pink!

If you have any questions about the Lip Mixes, please leave them in the comments and I’ll try to answer them to my best ability 😉

PS: If you search MAC Lip Mix colours on google, they keep showing you dodgy knock-offs at $2 a pop. So be careful about buying these over the web, I wouldn’t trust it.

WARNING: if you choose to use the fuchsia Lip Mix anywhere other than your lips, it stains like a mofo! I learnt this the hard way, so beware!


4 thoughts on “MAC Lipmix swatches

  1. Amber says:

    I love this product! Thank you for the mixing swatches! My two favorites to mix together are burgundy and fuchsia. I use the mac lip primer on my lips first…unlike regular lip balm this makes the product last forever! I then do a very thin coat of MAC’s lip erase to take away the natural color of my own lips and let that dry. I use the lipmix and then dab a bit of the primer on top to set it. I tested it one day and it seriously lasted me 12 hours. I love it because it does not dry out my lips and although it does slightly fade, it fades evenly. I didn’t even have to reapply after eating. It is perfect.

    • Mareli Basson says:

      Thanks for the awesome tip. I’ll have to try that out at some point ^_^.

      It really is an amazing product. I only recently finally got my first Lip Tar and once I have a few more in matching colours to the Lipmixes, I’d like to do a comparison post on things like texture, blend-ability and colour pay off.

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