Nyx HD eyeshadow base review

I just discovered my favourite, can’t-live-without-cosmetic-product! A week ago I was watching Wayne Goss’s YouTube clip on his favourite primers.  I’ve always wanted to try out Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, but since it’s not a practical option – it’s not available in South Africa so you have to order online, which gets pretty pricey. In the review he said that Nyx’s HD Eye Shadow base is just as good as Primer Potion, so I just had to test it out:

I’ve been using MAC’s Prep&Prime Eyeshadow Primer and time and again my shadow’s creased or rubbed off around mid-day. So frustrating! In comparison Nyx’s Eyeshadow Base is amazing!! I’ll  be honest and say when I first saw the Nyx stand I felt sceptic. It seemed a bit cheap; mainly due to its prices – which is a great incentive when you know it has no baring on their quality.

First day of using it I  noticed that my shadows didn’t crease or smudge and faded so little that it was almost unnoticeable!

Here you can see what the primer looks like. It has a slight colour neutralising effect, but mostly it’s very sheer and goes on incredibly creamy. I love the texture it leaves on my skin once it sets; so smooth.

Unfortunately I didn’t get pics of how my eyeshadow looked in the morning, but take my word for it that there was very little difference by 7h in the evening when I took the pics below.

My first day using Nyx HD Eyeshadow Base. This photo was taken at 7h in the evening and the shadows had been applied at 8h in the morning. That’s 11hours of before unexperienced staying power!

Second day, second try and the result was just as amazing!

I would definitely suggest this product to anyone who wants their makeup to stay in place for a day (brides take note!).

And at R100 it’s definitely cheaper than most of the other brands on the market including MAC and Smashbox (the other two I’ve tried, without much success;  both going for about R150). I found it at Clicks in Somerset Mall (as far as I’m aware Clicks is the only store that stocks Nyx around here).

So impressed! Go and get it!


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