Sugarpill Heartbreaker Palette Review and Swatches

The packaging for my palette from Wild Card; I love the little personal note.

I finally got my first Sugarpill Palette!!!
I’ve been seeing this brand all over blogs and sites, raving about it’s pigmentation and crazy bright colours. So obviously I just had to get some. But this has been a long time in coming since I’ve always been careful of ordering online due to customs and a “wonderful” postal service. (To be fair I haven’t lost anything yet, but I’ve heard some horror stories). So I was super excited when I found Wild Card’s Facebook page run by Angie from Uitenhage.

I was really looking forward to getting my hands on a Burning Heart palette but as those are currently out of stock with Sugarpill, I took a chance and went for their newest palette Heartbreaker. I reserved a palette on 20 May, Angie got her order on 12 June and last week on the 21st I got my order.

I absolutely love the palette’s packing. Sugarpill really understand’s the importance of product aesthetics. Makes me feel like I’ve bought something really special.

Ok so now we get to the shadows. The Heartbreaker Palette has 4 shades: Acidberry (a bright green), Velocity (a royal blue), 2am (a mauve/plum shade) and Mochi (a gorgeous  teal colour with a subtle shimmer).

Ok, so how did they perform?
Without a primer or eyeshadow base, must say they’re not that special, but with one on the other hand they are amazing!
Despite the lack of brightness on bare skin, what makes them special is the fact that they actually photograph as bright if not brighter than they look on my skin!! Now for me as a photographer this is an amazing thing, since it really doesn’t happen as often as you’d like.

Mochi swatched the best of the four on bare skin. The rest really looked amazing with the help of a primer. The other aspect that I loved about the shadows is how easy it is to blend them and to create a bright look without needing to layer over and over.

From left: Velocity, Acidberry, Mochi and 2AM
Bottom swatches over Nyx White Eyeshadow Base

Below is just a quick look I did after swatching them. And even on a point-and-shoot-camera the colour came out so vibrant! This really is an amazing quality of the eyeshadows that I didn’t anticipate. Few pigments photograph this bright.

For another look I’ve done with this palette you can look here.

So in closing: I love Sugarpill! My first introduction has been a great one, and what makes me really excited is that the other palettes has much better reviews than Heartbreaker, so can’t wait to see how they compare. Next up is Burning Heart the moment it’s in stock again, I’ve been saving up ^_^


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