Easy DIY mixing medium for makeup pigments

A while ago I read up on MAC’s Fix+ spray and all the great uses for it, one of which is as a mixing medium for foiling pigments  (you mix it with the pigments to get an almost cream consistency which gives you more vibrant colours and better staying power). Since the Fix+ was out of stock at the local MAC store, i found a few handy tutorials for make a home made version which is a lot cheaper and worked like a bomb:

What you’ll need:

A container to mix it in


Mix 1 part glycerin with 3 parts water. Once done, dip you eyeshadow brush into the mixture and pat it off on a towel – you want it wet, not dripping. Now you can pick up a little amount of your pigment and apply it to your eyelid (or wherever you’d like actually; I can imagine this working wonderfully for small scale body painting)

I’ve included a few pictures of me playing around with some the pigments i’ve been having trouble getting some colour out of. Using the glycerin/water mixture really helped to get the best out of them!

The pigments I used to test the DIY mixing medium with, from the left: Avon, Sleek and Kryolan.

i think i might’ve added a bit of the kryolan pigment on top of the Sleek blue; can’t remember it being the shimmery – this was done quite a while ago

UPDATE: Since drafting this I’ve bought the Fix+ but haven’t tried it for this purpose yet. Once I do i’ll post another swatch


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