Sleek i-Devine Circus palette swatches

I’m going to systematically do swatch posts on most of the makeup in my kit whether good or bad.

I discovered Sleek about a year ago and got so obsessed with their bright palettes that I currently own about 9 of them. Foschini in Somerset Mall seems to be the only store that stocks them

On a side note I think I helped to keep it stocked at the Mall. I was in Clicks when I overheard a group of women discussing which brands they wanted to toss in favour of new ones for their store. After hearing them mention they want to toss Sleek I put two and two together and realised these are the Foschini beauty reps. So I subtly walked over and started a conversation, they remarked on the bright swatches I had on the back of my hand (which by some miracle happened to be Sleek; I’d gone to Foschini just beforehand to see if there were any new palettes I wanted) and also I was able to show of my eyeshadow look that day, which was done with Sleek as well. I told them how much I love Sleek’s pigmented look even if the fall out is horrible sometimes. As I walked away I was very satisfied to hear them hoist another brand onto the chopping block in favour of Sleek. *does little happy dance*

Ok so first up is the Circus Palette. This was one of the first Sleek palettes I bought, along with Acid (which will hopefully be my next swatch post).

The eyeshadows in the Sleek i-Devine Circus palette.

To be honest I didn’t even bother swatching number 4, there was almost no pay-off from the white, but it’s no worry, if I want white in a makeup look I rather use a pencil or a creme shadow.

Ok so here’s the swatches:

First without a primer

With a primer base – I used the MAC prep & prime eye primer

(Unfortunately these swatches aren’t the best, I’m hoping to learn how to get better quality colour-wise as I go along with this.)

1. Red -Matt: Has a good colour, but the colour is a bit splotchy and will take patience to blend smoothly. It does add a beautiful pop of colour to a neutral eye look.

2. Purple – Shimmer: Beautiful, beautiful colour! The density is good, bit of fallout though but it’s acceptable for the colour pay-off.

3. Pink – Matt: Quite sheer, without much pay-off. There’s better shadows on the market if you want this shade.

4. White – Matt: Don’t even bother, unless you want to apply it with a Mixing medium. But you might do better with a white loose pigment than trying to get this to work along.

5.Yellow – Matt: Good colour and quite smooth especially when built up on a primer; it was the first yellow I found that actually gave some pay-off

6. Magenta – Matt: Not as bright as in the palette and not as smooth as I would’ve liked but it’s a good colour for adding depth to a pink shadow look.

7. Orange – Matt: Such a gorgeous bright orange! And if you do a dark brown smokey eye, just the barest sweep of this over it warms up the whole look beautifully.

8. Navy – Shimmer: Oh my word! So smooth, so beautiful! As with most of the Sleek shimmers there can be some fallout but it blends beautifully without losing colour pay-off.

9. Blue – Matt: Once again a nice sheer shade with enough colour not to make it vanish but not as bright as I would’ve liked it to be.

10. Lime – Shimmer: Firstly I’m so sad the swatch didn’t photograph well even though it swatched well. (you can see a much better swatch of it here, I promise I will improve photography wise). It’s a beautiful green without much fall-out, and with that great blend-ability.

11. Lilac – Matt: So sheer it’s almost non-existant, it’s a shame since it looks like a nice colour in the palette. One way to make it work is to put it over the MAC Paint Pot – Bare Study. I use it over Morning Frost and it gives a beautiful light purple shimmer.

12. Black – Matt: Not as smooth as some of the other black shadows usually found in the Sleek palettes but nice and dark and blends well into a smokey eye.

If you have any questions about any of the shadows leave them in the comments, and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability. 🙂


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