Makeup test

Did a quick makeup test with a friend this eve and just had to share the results. A few days ago I found a small plastic crown with the most gorgeous colours to it and thought I just had to do a look that went with it. So we started with the lips, since that was the area I still wasn’t completely sure what I was going to do with them, and then we realised we had time left so I completed the look just to see what I could come up with on the spot.

Here is what I used:

MAC – Pearlglide Intense Eye-liner in Designer Purple: it’s best to keep the point short and flat, otherwise it keeps breaking off since it’s so soft.
Sleek – Good Girl Palette: I dabbed some of Cupcake and Lollipop in the center of her bottom lip to get the pink shine.
MAC – Gloss Creme Brilliance: Finished the look off with a layer of this gloss and it truly brought the whole look together.

MAC – Prep and Prime – Eye lid primer in Medium
Clarins – Mono Eyeshadow in 01 Vibrant Violet: The whole eye look was achieved with this one shadow for the most part. Such a gorgeous shade and the consistency is brilliant!
Sleek – Black shadow from the Chaos Palette: Was used in the crease.
Essence – False eyelashes from the Black and White Trend: for the accents above the brows
Blink +Go – Eyeshadow and blush Palette (Metallics): I used the pink blush for dimension on the eyelids and along the bottom of the cheekbones for definition.

Unedited photo

Unedited photo

One of the final pics so far


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