How to apply false eyelashes

One of the questions/comments I get regularly is:

“you should really show me how to apply false eyelashes one day, i really suck at doing it”

I’m hardly an expert and until recently I echoed this statement myself  until I learnt a few handy tips:

Ok first and most important reason you and I “sucked” at it:

STOP buying cheap falsies to practice with!!

Yeah you know the types I’m talking about: those flimsy pink plastic packs you can buy for as little as R10 per set with the thick black base lines. Just stop it. This is one of those cases where you can’t buy cheaper materials to practice with first, it will bite you in the ass, or rather: pop right off your lids. This is not to say you can’t eventually use the cheapo lashes once you know the tricks, but they’re terrible to practice with. I believe this is why most people get discouraged and just never try again, which is a shame since it really is very easy, and such a fun girly accessory to finish off your outfit with.

I realised my mistake when I decided I’m going to give up on ever trying to apply “proper” false eyelashes because clearly I just didn’t have the magic touch required for it, but I saw a pare of black foil lashes at the local costume shop and thought “surely i should be to apply those”. So I decided to put my ego aside and try it one last time and this was the result:

The black foil lashes

The black foil lashes

The foil lashes immediately made it clear that having a soft base (the section you apply the glue to) made it so much easier to apply the lashes, something which the cheap lashes seldom have. They tend to be very stiff and quite thick at the base. Also if you have small eyes like me, the smaller your eyes are the more difficult it is to apply stiff falsies as the curve over the lid gets more and more pronounced.

(Another point to keep in mind is that it is much easier to apply false eyelashes on someone else than yourself, so don’t compare yourself to a make-up artist. They have the luxury of having a perfect vantage point while applying them and they can ask their client to keep their eyes closed until they can see the lashes are firmly in place.)

Ok so after this wonderful lesson I started looking for lashes that mimicked the foil lashes for softness and flexibility and finally settled on the Eyelure range. There are many wonderful brands, this just happens to be the one most readily available and most affordable to me. They go for about R70 a pack; a bit pricey but they’re reusable if you treat them gently and clean them properly after each wear. I’m sure there’s many other great brands of eyelashes, these are just the specific brand I’ve had the best luck with. (I’ve found the biggest selection of Eyelure lashes at Dischem, but recently I’ve also seen them at Foschini and Clicks) I did once get to use a set of MAC lashes which were just divine, but they’re too pricey at this stage, still saving up for a pair, have these in my sights: The Flight Lash.  The Naturalites range of Eyelure is just wonderful if you want to try false eyelashes for the first time.

Ok now to recap and a few extra tips

  1. Don’t buy cheap lashes with thick, stiff bases – they will only frustrate and discourage you.
  2. Look for well made lashes from reliable brands made for daily and natural wear.
  3. Remember to trim the lashes to fit your lash line – if the lash is too long it has a bigger chance of pushing itself off.
  4. Use a good eyelash glue – the glue in the Eyelure packs work wonderfully, or Clicks has larger tubes of glue you can buy seperate.
And two really good tips from a Alex with the magic-touch – she’s had great luck with cheapies from the get-go:
  • Bend the lashes over your finger for about a minute (with the actual lashes sticking away from your finger)
  • Put the glue on and then wait maybe 30seconds for the glue to get stick so it sticks on your lid nice & securely. 🙂
Go check out her photography work at Alexandra Graham Photography.

Ok I hope this give someone new hope for trying out false eyelashes. And like I said, once you have the hang of it there’s no reason you can’t try the cheap lashes again, because to be honest some of them are really pretty.

Below I will list some of the images I’ve used false eyelashes in and the type I used. Please leave any questions in the comments section.

Much love xxx


Eyelure Naturalites – Evening

Eyelure Naturalites – Evening

Eyelure Naturalites – Lengthening

Eyelure Naturalites – Lengthening

And some applause for the cheap seats:



And some more cheapies – These were applied by the model herself, a very accomplished make up artist. This was before i learnt the tricks of the trade and duly felt like i will never be able to do it as well as her.

And some more cheapies – These were applied by the model herself, a very accomplished make up artist. This was before i learnt the tricks of the trade and duly felt like i will never be able to do it as well as her.

And lashes from other brands

Essence – The Black and White range

Essence – The Black and White range

MAC lashes belonging to the model

MAC lashes belonging to the model

And once you really get the hang of it you can even make your own using natural materials such as feathers or even flower petals. These didn’t take half as long as it might look.


Barberton daisy lashes


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