Nyx white eyeshadow base

Wow, just got try out Nyx’s white eyeshadow base !

Had the most wonderful temptation today. Went to Clicks at Somerset Mall to see at what trend their Essence range currently is (we’re still something like 6-8months behind their official release dates :p). And there in front of me in all its shimmery and vivid brightness stood a brand new Nyx cosmetics counter o_O.

Luckily I had my best friend with me and she was able to drag me away before I regretted putting a serious dent in my monthly budget. I managed to grab one product before I was dragged away for my own good: Nyx eyeshadow base – White. The eyeshadow bases were available in white, pearl, skintone and high definition. I chose the white one since it promised 100x vivid colours, which any photographer can tell you is a huge plus when trying to shoot colourful make-up.
So as usual I was unable to head for bed before testing this new treasure and this mangled mix of colours is what I came up with.

Its not that clear in the photo (Blackberry cameras suck!) but the yellow and green eyeshadows truly popped! Can’t wait to use this for a shoot! Also can’t wait to visit that counter again as soon as it’s the end of the month; lots of bright liquid eyeliners and shimmery pigments with my name on them ;).

Also I’m currently busy drafting my How-to post on the Deep Purple shoot so keep an eye out!


Posted from my BlackBerry.


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