Natalie’s shoot

This was the first shoot I did with my brand new Canon 60D in November 2010. Couldn’t wait to test out it’s off camera trigger for my 430EX Speedlight!!

The weather was so weird that day; sun was nice and warm but freezing in the shadows with a nippy little wind. Natalie braved it and rewarded me with some stunning images. ^_^

Model: Natalie


Ralo – Red 3-compact eyeshadow
Kryolan – Lip Rouge Mini-Palette
Smashbox – Peep/show lipgloss from the Burlesque kit

This is quite some time ago so can’t remember too clearly. But if i have to take a guess from the images, did a basic smokey eye with black eye shadow and then a sweep of Ralo red eye shadow over the lid. Made use of Kryolan LP631 on the lips with a coat of Sparkling Raspberry from the Smashbox Peepshow Lipgloss. [ love that gloss, such a shame it’s part of a limited set ūüė¶ ] To finish it off ¬†I added a pair of Eyelure Naturalites Evening lashes. For her hair, just a very plain straightening job with two red clip-ins.

The photoshoot:

The weather was really nippy, so every now and then Natalie would run to a sunny spot, warm up, and return to pose like a pro. Still can’t believe she managed not to look like a ice cube. The shoot was done at Dorpstreet Square in Stellenbosch. I mounted my Speedlight on a tripod and had an assistant who carried it around. Since I didn’t have any light modifiers for the flash yet, I made use of a small silver reflector to¬†diffuse the light. It gave a nice crisp, directional light, which I used in combination with¬†¬†sunlight in some of the shots.

Diffused using the  silver side of the reflector from a distance

Here the speedlight was really close to the model but bounced off the silver reflector

Direct flash, but from quite a distance, thus the nice long shadow

Diffused with with the white reflector

Also using the white reflector bounce for a more even light

Speedlight as left rim light, setting sun as soft side lighting on the right and on camera flash as fill from the front

Natalie was a wonderful model and overall a wonderful first trail for my Canon 60D. Had no complaints with it’s performance, thank I was entranced by having such a large back of camera display for the first time and it was a treat to see the quality of the pics once I downloaded them onto my pc.

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