TAG Body/face paint: Review & Swatches

Finally a new post and I have some lovely swatches for you guys! My search for decent face/body paint has been a long one. Living in South Africa does tend to limit what brands and products you can get your hands on; especially at an affordable price.

I’m very happy to say I found a local distributor of some very awesome face/body paint brands: The Face Painters.

They sell cosmetic grade face/body paints specifically the brands TAG Body Art, Global Colours Bodyart and Snazaroo. All really good brands which is great value for money. logos

Let me just say that after the customer service disaster I had with Concrete Minerals earlier in the year, it’s great dealing with a company with spot on customer service. The Face Painters is managed by Danni and Penny. So far I’ve dealt with Danni and it’s been a pleasure. She’s always willing to answer any questions I might have about the brands they stock and makes good suggestions. Just be patient when waiting for a reply as they run the paint distribution in their spare time. You will receive a reply asap, most often the next morning. Their shipping is very speedy and both times I’ve ordered I’ve been surprised with how quickly I had my product in hand. A+ guys!

I recently bought the following from them:

  • TAG Body Art:
    • Regular Palette 12 x 10g
    • Regular Rose
    • Regular Beige
    • Pearl Wine
    • Neon split cake
  • Snazaroo:
    • Red
  • Diamond FX
    • Grey (I know they no longer stock Diamond FX so I think I was lucky enough to get one from their leftover stock.)

These are all the colours from the 12 colour TAG palette: IMG_7795-Edit

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Concrete Minerals: Customer Service Review – Disaster!

Untitled-1UPDATE: 7 Aug
I have come to the conclusion that Concrete Minerals is a company that is completely comfortable with taking their customers’ money without attempting to deliver what was paid for. This is called THEFT in my book and I’ve waited long enough before labeling this disaster as such.
I know it’s a strong word, but in this situation I feel it’s warranted. I have waited patiently for them to deliver on their promise: “Either way we’ll ensure this gets into your hands as quickly as humanly possible and we’ve absolutely never left a gal or guy hanging :)”(http://www.concreteminerals.com/pages/faq).
They left us hanging in a huge way! They took my money knowing full well our package had gone missing and never once offered a refund, replacement, some help or even something as basic as an apology. I am sorely disappointed in this brand.

Original Post:

Having to a write a post like this about a company that I loved saddens me so much. But I believe when a company treats a customer as they have treated this situation itshould be available on the internet as a word of warning to other makeup artists or consumers that consider buying from them.

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Essence All about palettes

I’m a big fan of Essence cosmetics and I’m always impressed with their quality, but it’s still nice to be surprised. Obviously the brightest palette drew my eye first, All about Paradise. Not expecting much I swatched the colours and were surprised by the texture and pigmentation. I immediately thought that they could work well with my matte Concrete Mineral and Sugarpill shadows. Unfortunately the first palette in the range was sold out, but I’m hoping to get All about Nude, when it’s back in stock.

First impression:

The shadows have a shimmer finish which can lead to a little bit of fall out. Most of them have a smooth texture but the lighter shades specifically are rougher with more Continue reading

Concrete Minerals review and swatches 2

2015 UPDATE:
I can no longer in good faith suggest ordering directly from this company.
Click on the image below to read about the horrible service I got ordering from CM:Untitled-1


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I finally got the rest of the Concrete Minerals matte pigments! (except Confessions which is a new release).

I’ve waited all of last year for black Friday to come around and I made sure I’d saved up well for the occasion. I made use of their 8 shadow special and their free shipping if you order more than $50 dollars. So it was a wonderful cherry on top when they included Wanderlust, a limited addition shadow that you could only get if you ordered it over that weekend and your total was over $50 Continue reading

Monster High makeup collab: Results

I just realised I never uploaded the results of the Monster High Collab I hosted; I can be such a dunce. If you feel like trying your hand at any of the characters at any stage, feel free to send your look a long and I’ll add it to the list 🙂

My entry for the collab:  Jinafire Long makeup look.

My entry for the collab: Jinafire Long makeup look.

Linki Lutz Makeup's first makeup collab entry. She looks just like Caterine, so gorgeous! Show her page and entry some love

Linki Lutz Makeup’s first makeup collab entry. She looks just like Caterine, so gorgeous! Show her page and entry some love

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Sugarpill vs Concrete Minerals – The Matte Showdown

2015 UPDATE:
I can no longer in good faith suggest ordering directly from Concrete Minerals.
Click on the image below to read about the horrible service I got ordering from CM:Untitled-1

PS: Sugarpill is still golden, great products, great service!! It’s just Concrete Minerals that completely dropped the ball!



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I’ve been wanting to do this for some time. The Matte Showdown: Sugarpill vs Concrete Minerals!

I’m a big fan of both brands. And I was very lucky this year to complete my Sugarpill palette collection by finally getting the Sweetheart palette. And double lucky that on Black Friday this year I got to order the rest of the Concrete Minerals matte collection. Continue reading

Sugarpill Sweet Heart palette review and swatches


My Sugarpill palette collection is finally complete! Mwhahahahaha… Here’s my impression of the Sweet Heart palette:

The palette consists of 4 colours: Dollipop (pink), Afterparty (skyblue), Midori (green) and Tako(white). It’s taken me a while to get this palette as these colors are the ones I was the least drawn to in the Sugarpill palette collections. But I recently got a few shadows from Concrete Minerals and became addicted to using Hi Fi, their pink matte pigment shadow. I’ve been wondering how Sugarpill and Concrete Minerals would weigh up against each other in terms of color (I’ll make a comparison post asap).

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DIY cosplay horns

Model: Cheri Serenity Warrington Photography & Makeup: Ambra

Model: Cheri Serenity Warrington
Photography & Makeup: Ambra

This post is severely over due. I made these horns sometime last year, just to see if I could and they came in handy for an upcoming cosplay. I made 2 sets of horns. The one I wanted to see how “realistic” I could make them and the second inspired by Dreaded Eden. Mostly I just wanted to see if I can engineer a pair. Continue reading

Light my fire: Part 1

I’ve been really quiet on the photography side of things, but hopefully that will be changing soon. Here are some shots from a test shoot I did with Leoni. She’s a very talented fire poi and bellydance performer going by the name FireFly.

These shot were done in preparation for a bigger shoot we’re planning, which is still in the preparation phase. Going by how this shoot turned out I’m having a good feeling about the upcoming shoot ^_^

Model: Leoni aka Fire with Firefly
Photography & Makeup: Ambra photography & makeup